Samsung supplies cloud printing solution to Chilean universities

Samsung supplies cloud printing solution to Chilean universities

Summary: Samsung is to supply cloud-based printing solutions to Chilean universities, and eyes wider opportunities reports ZDNet Korea’s Cho Mu-hyun.

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Samsung Electronics has developed a cloud printing service with Chile solution provider Administradora de Documentos S.A (ADSA), and will supply it to local universities the Korean company reported.

Printing made simpler for Chilean students

The electronics giant has started installing 51 mono laser printers at Universidad de Andres Bello to support the solution.

The university’s 45,000 students can use their smartphones to save documents on ADSA’s cloud server and print them anywhere on campus. They can use ‘Webpay’, a Chilean internet payment service that uses registered personal ID and credit cards, to pay for the service.

The printers are housed inside kiosks following the university’s request for robust deployment.

Samsung is also testing the solution at Universidad de las Americas and Universidad Santo Tomas, which together have around 70,000 students.

“This recent supply deal is a good example of Samsung supplying customized solutions based on client needs,” said a Samsung spokesman. “We plan to expand the business model to Chilean airports and groceries in the future.”

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Topics: Cloud, Korea

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  • Bad call from Chile, though expected

    Samsung software is the worst one around. At least based on their phone technology.

    Any other solution would have been better.