Samsung to launch AMOLED tablets at New York event in June

Samsung to launch AMOLED tablets at New York event in June

Summary: Samsung Electronics will launch new tablets with active matrix organic light emitting (AMOLED) displays at a New York event in June reports ZDNet Korea's Cho Mu-hyun.


According to the The Korea Times, the Korean electronics giant will hold an “Unpack Event” on June 12 at New York.

"Samsung will release OLED tablets with two screen sizes ― 8.4 and 10.5 inches ― at the event," said the media, citing a source familiar with the plan.  Products will also have finger print recognition capabilities.  Samsung Display will provide the AMOLED tablets.

Senior executives will reportedly attend the event. A separate press conference on future business strategies will be held on June 10, the report said.

The Korean technology giant launched a 7.7-inch tablet with AMOLED display in 2012 but it didn’t impress the market.

Samsung’s mobile boss J.K. Shin has earlier vowed the company will overtake Apple in tablets by 2015.  According to the report, Shin was in the US with company vice chairman, Jay Lee, for talks with Cisco and Verizon.

Strategy Analytics, a market research agency, said Apple took 28.9 percent global market share in the first quarter of the year, while Samsung secured 22.6 percent.


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  • Love Android on the phone but...

    ...I have used various Android tablets, some from Samsung, and I just find them a bit clunky or something. Its hard to put your finger on it, maybe its the apps, IDK but just do not like using it as a tablet OS. I went from iOS tablets to Android tablets and now using Windows tablets. Ha, I think Microsoft has a hard time figuring out phone OSs as well.
    Rann Xeroxx
    • Tablet use (especially android)

      Really depends what you use/want it for.
      I read a lot about certain apps not being tablet optimized (eg Facebook), but if you don't happen to use them, does it matter.
      All the apps I use frequently work well on an Android tablet, so personally I'm quite happy. Each to their own on what best suits their needs!
      If I was to just but one device, it would be a W8 hybrid, but as I have a few, quite happy with Android for the tablet (but get a powerful one, not a budget one, they are horrible)
    • All Android tablets need

      the home, menu and back buttons not the onscreen buttons.
      I find this a big difference in usability from being able to 1 finger wake it on a table without having to kind-of hold it, to not wasting space on screen and having the menu button as 3 unintuitiive dots or some other logo.
      Samsung got it right, Google got it wrong with Nexus. Everyone followed the wrong leader.
  • D in AMOLED

    stands for Diode not Displays