Samsung to ship over 60M smartphones in Q4

Samsung to ship over 60M smartphones in Q4

Summary: UBS is projecting the Korean electronics giant to ride on the wave of popularity for its Galaxy Note 2 to reach 61.5 million in smartphone shipments for the last quarter of 2012.


Samsung Electronics will likely ship over 60 milllion smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2012 given the popularity of its Galaxy Note 2 and S3 devices.

The Yonhap News Agency, citing research findings from investment bank UBS, reported Wednesday that the South Korean electronics giant will sell 61.5 million units of smartphones in the October-December period. This is an increase of 5 percent from an estimated 58 million units in the previous quarter, it noted.

The shipment volume could go up to as high as 63 million depending on sell-through, or the amount of devices actually sold to consumers, it added.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2, the smartphone-tablet hybrid released in September, will be a key contributor to the company's growth.

Nicolas Gaudois, an analyst at UBS, said in the report: "The Galaxy Note 2 has shipped 3 million units in its first five weeks of sales, with sell-through strong in Asia and Europe, and the U.S. gathering pace post-launch. We hence forecast 7 million Galaxy Note 2, compared to our initial expectation of 5 million for the fourth quarter."

The Galaxy S3 smartphone, which was launched in May, also continues to perform strongly with more than 5.5 million units sold in October alone. Gaudois said the bank is comfortable with its 15 million estimate for the quarter.

With its product successes, Samsung is expected to widen its lead over Apple in the smartphone arena in 2013. An earlier report by Korea Investment & Securities stated Samsung will expand its market share to 37 percent from 33.1 percent in 2012, while Apple will grow slightly to 20.4 percent from 19.9 percent in 2012.

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  • iPhone 5 not available in Malaysia, so I ...

    bought the Note II.
    I am now a convert from Apple iPhone and have the Note II well integrated into my Apple ecosphere....iTunes music, calendars etc.
    A smaty move for myself to save some $$$ (actually RMs) and give me a step up on technology.
  • So here we are.

    And all those who claimed that Apple model (one piece of device per category) is good, are wrong.

    Yes Apple hold strong in high end segment, but with just that Domination is not possible.

    And without domination, war on ecosystems is hard to win. And without leading ecosystem, high end segment in the long term is hard to defend.

    Multiple offerings for multiple price points seam to be the way to go. Apple just prove that high end segment can pay premium for premium offerings.
    • Apple already won

      Why you think Apple needs to win anything? They already won.

      In most electronics industries, the high end is for prestige, whereas you make your profits from the low ends. Except if you are Apple. Every other company will love to have as much profit as Apple with as little products as Apple.

      Is Samsung set for "domination"? Dominating what? The growing pile of electronic waste?
      In the past, Empires have risen and failed.
      • Empires have risen and failed

        But apple have already won?

        I don't understand, which is it? Fluid market where things change or apple have won, end of?
        Little Old Man
      • Re: Apple already won

        Is that why their stock price is falling?
      • Apple already won??? The war is just beginning.

        funny stuff.

        Appe's rise is based on single, highly proprietary, products. There is no choice with Apple.

        No USB. No Micro SD. No File Management. No capablility to run serious LOB apps. No Big apps. Instead you have 99% junk apps.

        IPad is a toy.

        Apple wins the battle. But they are going to lose the war.
  • A win for innovation

    As opposed to Apple's never ending anti-competitive litigation.

    Trying to suppress competition using the twisted US Patent system has lost them lots of sympathy amongst many who were formerly impartial to the "which is best" debates.
  • Cloud services are excellent on smart phones

    Come on guys! It is and should be acceptable. Everyone wants to go for smarties these days for top notcc reasons including the touch thing, Windows 8 integration and most important for small and mid-sized businesses to have their cloud transformation done via their smart phones. Cloud-based services are rocking in all android phones. Take your show on road in your smart phone now. Just read this:
  • Only On Android

    The Galaxy Note 2 "phablet" is a device that could never exist on either Apple's and Microsoft's platforms. Both the proprietary platforms are preoccupied with erecting barriers between "phone" and "tablet" product categories, while Android smashes those barriers into kindling and tosses them on a cheery fire to warm all of us.
  • Ship and selling are two different things

    Sure, if you give a way a phone...well, ok, maybe charge the consumer 96 cents for the Galaxy 3 like they are now they will saturate the market. However, this article is rather ridiculous. Sounds like the loyal patriot, KWANG, the writer of this article is bias and late to the party. There is only two months left in Q4 in case people can't think for themselves and rely the media to think for them.
    • show an example

      You really think they won't sell? oh and please show us all where there are 96 cent Galaxy 3s? maybe you should take your made up stories back to racist land.