Samsung tweaks Galaxy S4 to make it simpler for global travellers to use 4G

Samsung tweaks Galaxy S4 to make it simpler for global travellers to use 4G

Summary: Samsung has announced new Galaxy S4 handsets that will automatically switch between different 4G networks worldwide.

TOPICS: Mobility, Mobile OS
The Samsung Galaxy S4. Image: Samsung

Samsung plans to release new versions of its Galaxy S4 and S4 mini smartphones that can automatically switch between 4G networks across the world that use different LTE standards.

The new devices will be able to switch between networks based on the TDD (Time-Division Duplex) and FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) variants of the LTE 4G wireless technology.

Samsung says the move is designed to make it easier for travellers to use data services in different countries without disruption.

While most of the world relies on FDD-LTE, adoption of TDD-LTE is expected to grow in the US, China, Australia, Middle East, Northern and Eastern Europe, and Southwest Asia.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, the global LTE market will increase 20 percent annually on average, from 270 million devices in 2013 to 680 million devices in 2017. The TDD-LTE market is expected to take up 18 percent of the entire LTE market by 2015.

Samsung will launch the dual-mode LTE handsets in countries worldwide from the third quarter of this year.

Topics: Mobility, Mobile OS


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  • That's not the only thing Samsung tweaked in their Galaxy S4 tablet

    I suggest, based upon recent publications, that owners of the S4 tablet consider published performance benchmarks for this tablet suspect. Just saying.
    • All 4 of them

      that checked the benchmarking before purchasing. Not that it will make any difference to the way their phone operates on a daily basis.

      Just saying.

      Like samsung are the only one's to have done this in the past.....
      Little Old Man
    • Publications?

      I have been considering getting an S4. Can you provide some evidence for your assertion that the benchmarks are suspect? That way I can take it into consideration when deciding to buy.
      • Do you have access...

        to the internet and a search engine?
    • Ignorance

      Your ignorance is breathtaking.....the S4 is not a tablet but a phone!!
  • Network compatibility

    Like Motorola came out with the first (AFAIK) phone that worked both on the European/global GSM frequencies of 900/1800 and the go-it-alone US frequency of 1900 MHz?
    • Moto?

      Your statement covers about every US GSM native phone ever built from ATT & tmobile.
  • Is an upgrade possible via firmware for existing S4 owners?

    Lets hope so!
    • upgrade?

      probably a different mainboard with extra receiver for the dual standard. So a firmware upgrade would not cut it.
    • No

      Quallcomm announced a few months ago that they had developed a universal LTE chip to work on all LTE bands worldwide. Samsung is just capitalizing on the use of that chip. I'm impressed how fast they are bringing it to market though.
  • Samsung Galaxy 4 is simply the best

    Stay away from proprietary tricks, keep up good work, keep price down, and keep going.