Samsung unpacks new smartwatch, smartphone, tablet (photos)

Samsung unpacks new smartwatch, smartphone, tablet (photos)

Summary: Samsung took the Galaxy Gear smartwatch out of its pocket - and also revealed the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 10.1


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  • The Note 3 allows you to multitask. Here you can use a calculator while reading an article.

    Credit: CNET

  • The Note 3 allows you to drag and drop items between apps. It will also let you use more than two apps at one time.

    Credit: CNET


  • It's thinner and easy to hold in one hand.

    Credit: Josh Miller/CNET

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  • WOW! They came up with something to out-dork Google Glass!

    And for only $300!

    That's what happens when you let techies decide what the general population wants!

    Oh, well! At least it's not like some company can come up with a watch with a multi-colored LED, red for email, green for text, etc. Whew!
    • I agree - but not

      I wouldn't want one. My phone already does everything this does, with a better experience - plus I don't need to leave Bluetooth on all the time (who wants more battery drain?).

      But they certainly haven't out-geeked Google. Compare an arm tattoo to Mike Tyson's face tattoo if you wish. Google Glass is basically just "Skype on your face" at the moment. It's like Google gave up on it, and didn't build in any of it's "Google Now", "Google Goggles", or other recognition and predictive apps it has in it's stable.
      And it costs $1200.
      Enjoy that face-mounted go-pro camera / Skyper!

      At least this is just a watch. And as watches go, not obscenely expensive.

      I just don't see the use for it.

    I'M BLIND!!
    Arm A. Geddon
  • And I need it because

    ...I have no clue. My cellphone can be reached either when it's in my pocket or attached to my belt. Redundancy.
    D.J. 43
    • Here are some clues

      I think the idea is to simply view notification/texts/emails without having to reach for your phone. If its important you reply or else you simple keep walking/driving
      I myself have had trouble reaching for my cellphone in my pant pockets while driving or a riding a bike.
      This could save me the hassle.
      I get my bike to the side of the road and simply look at the smartwatch if it does not need a reply move on. Otherwise stand up and struggle to get the phone from your pant pocket and then view it. Put it back in and to save petrol you need to off the bike.
      • Driving

        I have no desire to be run over by someone reading an email on his/her watch while driving.
  • Great tech !

    Even if I had never previously suffered a wrist-watch, the kind of innovative and beautiful, and technological elements of design in terms of wear'd already! The interface is changeable and highly visible at night! Currently themselves do not wear a watch but I have had a number of very high quality watches and watch Samsung's smart exceeds them in many ways!
    Iko M.
  • Ufff

    This stuff looks extremely ugly.

    And.. the same look can surely be had in a $5 watch.
  • Watch, really? No!

    Are people really gonna wanna wear a smartwatch? No, I doubt it. It's ugly and it's too small to accomplish anything of importance. This is the dumbest idea I have heard of in a while. Well, this and the "cheaper" iPhone rumours.
  • Big watch was done already...
  • It's looks ugly.

    Why can't it look better than that. I wouldn't want to be seen with that watch on.
  • What you mean :ugly ?

    If you mention that Samsung watch is ugly , then what you think about Rado Ceramica watches ? Are they as ugly? There are similar lines on design ! If you mention that this watch is ugly then tell us what kind watch is beautyful to you ! Then we know your taste ! Sorry about my English text ! I use Google translation !
    Iko M.
  • Galaxy Note 3

    I have been waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 for the longest time, and I am sorry to say that I am terribly disappointed. Who came up with the design of the back of this phone. I think that stitching looks absolutely tacky. I will not be even going to the stores to look at it. It is asbsolutely horrible. I like to show off my phone when I use; that's why I never use constricting cases to hold it -- I use a carrying pouch instead.