Samsung's Ativ Q: Can dual boot Windows 8, Android device sell?

Samsung's Ativ Q: Can dual boot Windows 8, Android device sell?

Summary: It's unclear whether a dual-boot tablet is a real winner for technology buyers, but Samsung is going to give it a shot.


Samsung rolled out devices Thursday that may give Windows 8 a boost, but there's also a significant hedge: A convertible tablet that can also run Android apps.

It's unclear whether a dual-boot tablet is a real winner for technology buyers, but Samsung is going to give it a shot.

As for the lineup, Samsung rolled out the following:

  • The ATIV Q, the convertible that runs Windows and Android. Like other Windows 8 devices, the ATIV Q is designed to work as tablet and laptop. The device will run Windows 8 and Android Jellybean 4.2.2. Files will be shared from Windows 8 to Android.
  • The ATIV Tab 3 is "a tablet with the power of a PC" and is billed as the thinnest Windows 8 tablet. It's basically a Galaxy Tab with Windows 8.

Here are the specs:




There are two ways to read this Samsung announcement. Samsung's way is that the new products strengthen the tablet lineup and show support for Windows 8. Another read would be that Samsung doesn't want buyer's remorse with Windows 8 and is offering Android too.

CNET's Roger Cheng noted that Ativ is designed to replicate the success with Samsung's Android powered Galaxy line. Everything Windows 8 will be Ativ. But the Android hedging strategy negates some of the pop to Windows 8. Microsoft could use the boost, but a dual boot product indicates that Samsung may not be sold yet on the software giant's latest OS.


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  • Windows 8 gets boost from Android

    Might work. Either way MS gets paid twice.
    • Cool device but

      they should do a better video to show it here.
  • yes

    All the android games, all the pc device.....beautiful
  • Both are really nice

    The tab3 is really nice, but a shame it doesn't use the next generation of atom chips.

    The Ativ Q is pretty sweet. Less than 3 lbs, 3d graphics, excellent screen and high resolution, full windows, 9 hours of battery with both tablet and notebook functionality. All that and Android on top of it. Hopefully the price doesn't pop the bubble.
  • Next ...Head line.... Android saves Windows 8 from total fail....

    Android Jellybean saves Redmond ....what a headline

    Can't wait to hear what Loverock Davidson and Owlllllnet have to say when that happens.........or better yet their faces...:-)
    Over and Out
    • Next ...Head line.... Windows saves Android from total fail on laptops....

      Windows saves Mountain View ....what a headline

      Can't wait to hear what cloggedbottom7 and Linux_Forever have to say when that happens.........or better yet their faces...:-)

      Time to order my popcorn!
      William Farrel
      • William long as you don't hold your breath

        you'll be ok.......some day you'll figure out Linux is taking over the world and if your in IT you had better figure out a way to survive old buddy

        check your popcorn as its burnt.....sorry to have to say that..........and I'll say my usual in closing

        End Of Story......Period
        Over and Out
  • Sounds cool until you stop for a second...

    It sounds actually pretty cool at first until I said... wait sec... if I have my android phone in my pocket... (which I'll always have nearby), and I have a tablet that has a file system and can copy files to/from my phone easily (which negates the ipad, but is a plus for windows/android tablets)...

    ..why exactly would I need the dual boot? Or for that matter an Android tablet?

    It's not liked I'd be running android apps on the tablet if I have windows right there and it's not like I'd WANT an android tablet given a choice between a good Windows and Android.

    Android comes to mind because of price. But the quality of Apps vs real applications on Windows... forget, no contest.

    So again... why would I want an Android Tablet if I had an actual windows tablet right there as well? And an android phone right next to me?

    I wouldn't.
    • Android games!

      Where in the world is there more free games than on Android?

      And what if your phone wasn't Android?

      I actually have an RT tablet and a Windows Phone, so also having an Android tablet is kind of nice. But at 13" I think it is a bit big to be used as a tablet.
      • Bluestacks

        Bluestacks allows me to play Android games in Windows. They don't compare to actual Windows games, though...not even close.
        • Exactly

          This is not new. I'm running Bluestacks Android on my HP Envy X2. Touch and sound work great full speed for games. GPS apps don't work though.
      • "Where in the world is there more free games than on Android?"

        The internet? It's that series of invisible tubes that connects stuff. There's a bunch of games and other stuff in there. You should check it out.
  • What is Windoz 8?

    Don't waste your money anymore with M$ software when Linux or BSD is better.

    Window$ 8 is obsolete.
    • Oh yea

      and we will all listen to you because you know best. We can all tell by your login name that your opinion is completely 100% un-biased. What a joke.
    • You sir are a magical fail boat.

      Float away.
  • Bluestacks (dot com)

    Run Android apps under Windows. Dual boot not necessary. What's the point, Samsung?
    • Re: Run Android apps under Windows

      Under a Windows, rather than a Linux, kernel?

    • It does not appear to be a dual boot

      setup, but rather Android running as a VM of sorts, just like Bluestacks.
  • How wouldn't it sell?

    This sounds like a fantastic idea for a device that works as both a laptop and a tablet, but with an OS designed for computers and an OS designed for tablets. I wanted an ASUS Transformer Book Trio, but this is seriously making me reconsider...
    • Price...?

      If the rumours of a price north of $1500 pan out I think we know exactly why it wouldn't sell.