Samsung's fine for failure to report fatal gas leak? $923

Samsung's fine for failure to report fatal gas leak? $923

Summary: Samsung has been fined peanuts after delaying to report a gas leak that cost one life and injured others.

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Samsung's failure to report a gas leak that took the life of one worker and injured four others has resulted in a fine of only $923.

samsung-fine gas leak
(Credit: Samsung)

YonHap reported that Samsung will be fined no more than 1 million won ($923) after over 2 gallons of acid--in gaseous form--leaked from a 132-gallon tank of hydrofluoric acid twice in 24 hours, one leak apparently at 11 p.m. local time, and then again at 5 a.m.

The incident, which took place earlier at a semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, South Korea, was apparently not reported until hours afterwards, by which time one worker from Samsung's subcontracted maintenance firm STI Service had been fatally injured through prolonged exposure and four other employees were hospitalized.

According to the publication, the Korean police is fining the smartphone and tablet maker for violating the Toxic Chemicals Control Act by not reporting the gas leak immediately. An official investigation has begun, and one official is reported as saying:

We will thoroughly investigate to clarify who is responsible for the incident as someone died due to poor administration.

The exposure of the incident to the media may not be the only problem on Samsung's table. An officer looking into the case apparently said that Samsung has not submitted data requested by the police, and so an office raid to acquire the tech giant's safety logs has not been ruled out.

It may take up to two weeks for the investigation to be concluded.

Following the gas leak, Jeon Dong Su, a co-president of Samsung, publicly apologized for the incident and offered his sympathy for the families of those involved. He also promised that Samsung would conduct a full investigation and ensure that permanent measures were put in place to prevent a repeat problem.

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  • A grand?

    For someone's life? Now that really doesn't seem like it will teach Samsung a lesson. I don't mean a slap on the wrist, I mean enough for them to stop such a careless attitude from continuing within their plants.
    I hope the investigation goes further and provides for proper sanctions so that these sort of instances are dealt with swiftly and with the correct procedures in place.
    Little Old Man
    • Samsung owns half of the government of South Korea, so it's unlikely

      LG chobol owns like 30% and the rest is Daewoo chobol.

      Sometimes justice does work in South Korea, but not often. For example, generations of Samsung's heads were registered swindlers, and even convicted criminals, but every time they were never punishes. Last time Samsung's head was pardoned in 2008.

      Those people could only do business in a corrupt, criminal ways. So it is not wonder than the jury found that Samsung *willfully* stole Apple's IP (even though US Korean judge Lucy Koh now denied that Samsung did it willfully -- she thinks that it was pure coincidence that bulk of Samsung's designs, starting from chargers, cables, and package and to phones and tablets are strikingly similar to Apple's).
      • So the judge is wrong

        Got it.

        As you want to turn this back to the apple battle about which you were truly, utterly, completely, massively, unconditionally WRONG. Go on say it, "I got it wrong". Try it in private before you type it, that may help.

        Your comments that actually relate to this story I can fully believe.
        Little Old Man
        • I am right, and the jury agrees with me

          Go on say it, "I got it wrong". Try it in private before you type it, that may help.
          • Jury

            Judge>jury - get over it. Tell me how much the jury has a say in it now when the appeal will ultimately be decided by a judge. Please, enlighten me. Oh you can't?

            Anyway facts are facts, the damages will not increase, no matter how much you try and side-step it dress. Usual attempt by you to subvert the course of the discussion to fit your own requirements.
            Little Old Man
    • This is not China...

      This is South Korea and they have very safe working conditions. Almost every manufacturing companies have accidents and some lead to death. Its not the accident itself that the government was concerned about but not being informed. Being informed about the spill would have really made no difference as the experts who knew how to fix it were there fixing it. In fact its the subcontractor that should have ensured their employees were safe and had the correct equipment and protective gear.

      With all of that said, I would hope that North Korea would not follow the example of Japan and keeping silent on safety issues because of cultural honor concerns.
      Rann Xeroxx
    • I'm glad to see

      Samsung being taken to task by someone who is not biased towards Apple. Not to pull a DDERSSS here but I have to wonder how many people would be calling for Apple's head if this was an issue that happened at Foxconn...

      But yes that fine is pure steaming BS - and an insult towards those who were affected by the sloppy safety standards. I wonder how many more issues they have that have not been reported?
  • SHARPS on Samsung's chemical leaks

    SHARPS on Samsung's chemical leaks:
    • Trusted source?

      You post a link about samsung from a source beginning "stopsamsung.." and you expect people to take it seriously?
      Little Old Man