Samsung's Galaxy Camera 2: Another piece of the halo effect pie

Samsung's Galaxy Camera 2: Another piece of the halo effect pie

Summary: The big question for Samsung is whether technologies like Android and NFC can create a halo effect and all-Samsung households to replicate Apple's success.


Samsung will showcase its Galaxy Camera 2, an Android smart camera designed to woo the point-and-shoot crowd, but the big picture is that the electronics giant is building out its connected device strategy in hopes of creating its own Apple-esque halo effect.

galaxy camera 2

By itself, Samsung's Galaxy Camera 2 is standard fare for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Galaxy Camera 2 has a 21x optical zoom, a new quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and Dropbox preloaded. The Galaxy Camera 2 will garner its share of reviews.

CNET's Joshua Goldman noted:

It's now wrapped in leatherette and trimmed in metal saying, "Look at me, I'm a camera, not a smartphone."

Credit: CNET's Lori Grunin

But Samsung is also hoping to connect the Galaxy Camera 2 to its other devices via Wi-Fi and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Samsung noted:

The all-new innovative ‘Tag & Go’ feature makes it easy to connect the Galaxy Camera 2 to NFC-enabled smartphones and devices. All it takes is a simple tap of the smartphone and camera and devices will be automatically paired and transfer images swiftly using a host of clever functions.

galaxy camera 2a

Rest assured that Samsung really wanted to say it wants to connect the Galaxy Camera 2 with other Galaxy devices such as the Note, Tab and S4. If Samsung can make connecting its devices easier a consumer could be inclined to buy every screen size in a house from the Korean electronics giant.

Is Samsung there yet? My Galaxy S4 hasn't inspired me to buy a TV from Samsung. And while the Note (various sizes) is interesting I haven't run out and bought one either. A camera may be a possibility, but Samsung has to make its case. I need to see how NFC makes my life easier somehow. Meanwhile, Android on a camera is interesting, but doesn't win me over completely.

Part of the problem here is that Samsung is still largely associated with hardware. Samsung is closing the software gap on the business and consumer side, but lacks cloud heft.

Add it up and Samsung has all the raw material to create a halo effect for its products, but has some work to do.

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  • You maybe not, our home, however....

    Samsung phones (S2, Note 3, Galaxy Ace Plus), tablet (Tab 3 8"), 3D plasma TV and home theatre system. And not an iThing in sight. Agreed on their software side though - they need more native English speakers involved in customization and localization of their software at least, and a good dose of user interface design too.
  • In your eyes only

    The "Apple-esque halo effect" is in the eyes of the viewer and is mostly recognised by American protectionist.
    • Huh

      What does that even mean?
      • SRSLY.

  • Slow death of point & shoot

    The problem is that cellphone cameras are getting so good there's really little need for point & shoot these days.

    Samsung would probably have better luck with a DSLR that features built-in NFC so a photographer can quickly e-mail or upload images from via his phone without having to fiddle wit the SD card and a computer.
    • I suppose it's more related with habits

      Users got used to take picture with their phones and be happy with them.
      While quality is improving, without optical zoom, smartphones don't stand a chance, also many compact cameras are using bigger sensors. The problem for cameras is that majority of current consumers don't care much about quality.
  • Galaxy Camera 2 review

    Samsung promised an improved and a much better version of the galaxy camera and hence they started 2014 with the release of the Galaxy camera 2. The camera has a 16.3 MP sensor with a great 4.8” display running on a quad-core processor and the android 4.3 OS.

    Janaki Raman