Samsung's Galaxy Mega phablet: Will it fly in the U.S.?

Samsung's Galaxy Mega phablet: Will it fly in the U.S.?

Summary: The Galaxy Mega is a 6.3-inch version of the Galaxy S4 and part of Samsung's strategy to carpet bomb the market with devices of all screen sizes.


Samsung on Monday confirmed that the Galaxy Mega, a 6.3-inch phablet, is coming to the U.S. and targeting folks who want a hybrid smartphone meets tablet.


In a nutshell, the Galaxy Mega is a larger version of the Galaxy S4. The features on the Mega and S4 roughly match. The Galaxy Mega also has an 8-megapixel camera, runs Android 4.2.2 and has enterprise features under SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise).

Initially, the Galaxy Mega will be available on AT&T, Sprint and U.S. Cellular.

The big question here is whether the Galaxy Mega will find a base of customers. The device will be too large for a pocket, but may take some of the market that would gravitate to a 7-inch tablet.

Samsung's strategy is fairly clear when it comes to its mobile devices: Carpet bomb the market with screens of various sizes. A 7-inch tablet may leave someone out so why not go for a 6.3-inch screen.

Samsung's throw every screen size against the wall strategy appears a little nutty, but so far it has worked out pretty well. At some point, Samsung will hit a screen-size wall. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy Mega is that wall---at least in the U.S.


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  • "carpet bomb the market"

    So choice is bad now?

    You've been an Apple fan too long - even they have two sizes now, you know.

    There's nothing nutty about realising that different people want different sizes; it's not even new. How many different size TVs are there? One? Two? You need to get out more.
    • ditto that

      Why is it nutty to allow customers to choose whatever screen size they like? I'm holding out for a 7" Note [x] with an spen, but I got another year on my current (note 2)'s contract.
    • Choices are what the market is about

      While the 6.3 might be too big for me - what right do I, or anyone else, have to say it's too big for anyone? Look at Apple with only 2 choices of screen size: small and even smaller. Doesn't work for many people.
      • Exactly

        I can't use an Iphone because all screens are too hard to hold... due to being super small.

        those of us with man hands need a larger screen to do smartphone things, and like a larger screen for seeing smartphone things.
        • Too small?

          Maybe you should get on a treadmill and work on those sausages you use on your tech.
          • Large hands...

            Doesn't necessarily mean FAT hands. I have large hands, thin fingers. I have been palming basketballs since I was 12. I can wrap my fingers completely around most smartphones. I would be a potential user of a 6.3" "phablet" for that reason. Also, some of us have had our eyesight deteriorate as we age...approaching 60, I have difficulty sometimes reading tiny smartphone text, and I am certain others do as well.

            BTW, I've been in tech since the early 80s, 'man' hands and all.
            Iman Oldgeek
        • Capacitive problems

          It's not the size of the screen, it's how good the capacitive screen actually works. if this is anything like their other screens, my fingers will still struggle to get it to work. They don't design these things for us with non capacitive fingers. I've learned that on a rainy day I don't stand a chance of answering my phone. How about giving us a large phone with a decent keyboard.
          • You must be talking about the iPhone / iPad only

            Apple iPhone and iPad capacitive problems touch screen sensors do not work in the cold (such as a ski hill), wet (such as pool / beach), or with gloves. And also with remote (non-touch) gestures.

            However the Samsung Galaxy S4 does. Since this phablet is basically an extra-large Samsung Galaxy S4, I can only assume it will work the same?
          • Can't be the iPhone/iPad. They're almost too sensitive to touch

            Unlike almost every other brand I've looked at where I have to practically press my fingers through the phone to get it to detect them.
          • Really ?

            "Apple iPhone and iPad capacitive problems touch screen sensors do not work in the cold (such as a ski hill), wet (such as pool / beach)"

            I have no problem using my iPhone while skiing in colorado, or at the beach in Galveston, not sure why you have issues with it.
            E Conner
          • Funny thing

            I CAN work my iPhone with my hands wet, with gloves, and while it's cold... I guess I must be the exception to your rule or more to the point you have not ever tried to use an iPhone and just follow the typical "I hate Apple" line of religious zealotry.
        • not just hands...

          But the eyes are not as good as they were before and a larger screen with appropriately larger font works well.
          At 63 I would rather see my phone screen with reasonable accuracy rather than have to bring out my glasses etc. etc.
          Samsung Note II is just perfect for me.
    • I see your....

      biased against Apple stinks all the way over here. The article does not even mention Apple or it's devices but you had to make it an issue.
      The author does make a point. At what point does it become too big and cumbersome. And you analogies to different size TV's. Please let me know if there are any ACTUAL TV's(not smartphone with tv apps) that you can carry around in one hand and it fits in your pant pocket much less jacket?
      • There used to be many pocketable TVs when LCD displays first came out

        But then, that was before the digital era, too. Haven't seen any since because they'd need a completely different antenna from the old rod-style.


      Interesting use of a phrase with a negative connotation there ZEE DEE Net.
    • Wow

      Even the suggestion of an attack on your beloved Samsung has you up in arms and crying about Apple... the zealotry is strong with this one.

      Here's one thing I find to be quite amusing - when the iPhone 4 came out the iHaters were in full force say it was too big, to heavy, to awkward - that it would not fit into anyone's pants pocket... now you all are gushing over a phone - A PHONE - with a 6.3 inch screen. Where in the heck would you put that when you need both hands free? Seriously if that's the size screen you want on you phone go for it - more power to you! Personally i want something that is portable.

      Great thing about choice - I can chose not to get any Samsung mobile device.
      • Whatever

        Your memory is faulty. No one said the iPhone 4 was too big. The Droid X came out about the same time as the iPhone 4- it had a 4.3" screen to the iP4's piddly 3.5" screen. There were other 4"+ Android phones at the time as well.

        The main thing that was awkward about the iP4 was that it was nearly as big as a DroidX or other larger screen Android phone- just too much of the bulk was in the top and bottom bezels. The DX made much better use of its space to accommodate a larger screen.

        It seems to me it's Apple people that get all butt-hurt over choice.

        Since the iPhone 4 came out, Apple still has only done ONE refresh of its basic phone design, the IP5. I can't imagine how lame it would be if my Android choices were still only one generation of design away from three years ago.

        Just because Samsung makes a 6"+ phone screen, is merely another CHOICE among all other sizes of phones they make. It's the Apple fanbois that can't seem to handle choice.
        • Try again Zachintosh

          I recall several conversations with NonZealot and other iHaters who claimed that the iPhone 4 was "barely portable". I'd link to some of these but they were quite a few years ago and I'm too lazy to go back on ZDNet's site that far.

          Personally I could care less if you chose an iPhone, Android, WP, or BB device - get what works for YOU. Trust me, I won't get butthurt over it. You however seem to be anally scarred over the fact that some people do not prefer Android - or in my case the crap hardware Samsung cranks out. Android as an OS is decent... TouchWiz sucks out loud. Sense is pretty decent but the basic Android experience is much better. Oh yeah did I forget to mentioned I've owned a Samsung Galaxy S, An HTC Thunderbolt, a Nook Color (rooted with cyanogenmod 7), and a Nook HD+?

          Choice is fine, have at it dude. You fAndroids need to stop getting butthurt over the fact some people chose not to get Android.
      • where you ask?

        Usually my Note 2 goes in R.A.M. mount cradles at my desk, in car, truck, and on bike. At 6"+ you're really talking tablet realm, so the customers are generally going to be people that want a tablet that can make and receive regular voice/cell calls. (not to dis folks that just want a big phone) You shouldn't expect those folks to use it the same way you'd use a tiny iphone. I'd expect many to go in backpacks, purses, on belt holsters, briefcase'ish cases, in laptop bags, etc. Briefly carried in hand between car and X. That sort of thing.

        BT headsets are invaluable, and really make the system work well for voice and media. Held in a mount, with a BT keyboard and mouse it makes for an exceptionally convenient rdp/vnc/ssh access terminal.
        • Many people don't get it

          Those that don't use bluetooth don't understand that phone size is moot at that point. I've been using it for years. When I was working I had to carry my phone is such a way that I couldn't get to it in time to answer. With stereo BT earbuds (which I always use) I could not only answer the phone. But I also was able to have something playing low in the back ground to keep me from going crazy during the day. I'm ready for an upgrade and I'd like the note 2. But I'm holding out to see if I like the note 3 better. This mega is a little to big for me. But something just under 6" fits into my plans..... Desktop with multi 25" hd screens, laptop with 17" hd screen, note 10.1 and a 5.5" to 6" phone to finish the sizes off. I never like carrying my phone in my pocket so that's never been an issue.