Samsung's sales eclipsing Nokia's even on its Finnish home turf

Samsung's sales eclipsing Nokia's even on its Finnish home turf

Summary: In its home country of Finland, Nokia is now being outshipped by its South Korean rival.


Nokia has traditionally been the biggest selling mobile phone brand in its Finnish homeland, but new figures show the company has lost its crown to Samsung.

Samsung devices accounted for 36 percent of the 587,000 smart and feature phones shipped to Finland in the first quarter of 2013, according to figures from analyst IDC.

The South Korean electronics giant's market share in Finland now overshadows Nokia's, with the Finnish firm now accounting for 33 percent of total shipments. Apple meanwhile has 14 percent share of the country's overall mobile shipments.

The gap between Samsung and Nokia widens when comparing purely smartphones, which made up 73 percent of all devices shipped to Finland last quarter.

Samsung leads with a 38 percent share of 429,000 smartphones shipped to the country, compared with the 22 percent held by Nokia's Windows Phone-based Lumia lineup.

According to Finnish tech site Digitoday, which first reported Samsung's Finnish eclipse, Nokia lost its lead on smartphones in Q3 2012 — one of Nokia's grimmer quarters in recent times, just ahead of its transition to Windows Phone 8 with the Lumia 920.

Despite IDC's figures showing a clear trend overall away from Nokia phones in Finland, it does remain popular with some carriers. Sonera, Finland's largest mobile network operator reported this month that Apple's iPhone 5 was the top selling device, followed by the Lumia 920, 620 and 820.     

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  • ???????????????

    iPhone5 and Lumia 920, 620 and 820 are the top 4 devices being sold. Where is Samsung??????

    Is Apple a Samsung subsidiary?
    • Wow, did you read?

      Did you read the article? Those rankings were for just one carrier.
      • Yes the Largest Finnish Carrier

        With enough customers to represent a overwhelmingly statistically significant sample group.

        Their top four selling phones should represent a good share of the phones being purchased.

        If Samsung is the Number 1 phone supplier, should they not be in the top four best selling phones of the largest carrier?
    • No comprehension

      The list is getting long. Time for a reboot or perhaps a complete reinstall. Your brain has been pretty glitchy lately.
      • DT Long, Do You Really Want to Go There?

        I apologized to you for supporting LD and Owli.

        On my worst day my brain is still going to do better than yours.

        Do I need remind you of your recent dumb ass posts? This one included.

        Answer this: Why is Samsung not one of the top selling phones? Is this a statistical anomaly?
  • Proof That Nokia Is Dying On Its Feet

    If Nokia cannot be tops in Finland, where can it succeed?

    Nokia needs to drop Windows Phone and embrace Android NOW.
    • I see no proof that they would ve doing any better with android.

      All the other android OEMs are loosing to Samsung?

      people are buying into the Samsung hardware and brand, more so than the fact it runs android. I don't see how switching to android would help Nokia increase market share. It would decrease difference between products?
      • I don't see how switching to android would help Nokia increase market share

        Really? they would have the most popular mobile OS, as opposed to one that most people don't want.
        They would differentiate themselves from others by hardware, not software, PC OEM's do exactly that, Nokia has mostly always made pretty good hardware, it's their current choice in software that's letting them down.

        And I like Nokia too, I have a Nokia N9, I just hope Nokia will realize (before its too late) that windows phone was the wrong choice, they used to be number one, now look at them.
      • Re: All the other android OEMs are loosing to Samsung?

        Consider that even HTC, the one the Android-bashers love to pick on, is making more money from Android than Nokia is from Windows Phone, and how much more "proof" do you need?
    • Why should Nokia drop the best smartphone OS in the world, for Android?

      Android is popular only because it's "included" with the device as a "free" OS by the OEMs, while WP8 adds to the cost of the Nokia devices, but the prices are still very comparable at the consumer end. Android did have a huge head-start on WP8, and it's likely that, if they had both started together, that Android would not even have gotten any recognition. WP8 might be slow in starting up, but persistence and quality and support, will eventually win out.
      • Re: while WP8 adds to the cost of the Nokia devices

        Interesting admission, that Windows Phone will never be able to compete on price/performance...
        • You have a very big problem with reading comprehension, so,

          try to read my comments again, with your brain engaged, for a change.
    • And become just another "me-too" Android OEM ...

      ... fighting for the scraps at the bottom of the barrel???

      Sorry, but right now jumping on the Android crapware bandwagon would be the immediate death of Nokia.

      Yes, they need to drop WinPho .... but they need to differentiate themselves from the current batch of mobile losers (that includes Nokia itself). They would be better off investing on something like FirefoxOS ... or returning back to using MeeGo
      • Re: ... fighting for the scraps at the bottom of the barrel???

        Because those "scraps" are a lot better than what it's getting now.