São Paulo techies demand 10% pay rise in 2014

São Paulo techies demand 10% pay rise in 2014

Summary: IT professionals want a share of employer's profits

TOPICS: IT Employment, CXO

The Information Technology Workers Union of São Paulo (Sindpd) will kick off its yearly demands for better pay and benefits for sector professionals.

Nearly 100,000 São Paulo-based professionals are represented by Sindpd, which is the largest technology workers union in the country. Demands include a 10 percent salary increase, profit sharing plans and an increase in daily meal allowances.

The union will also demand that employers provide training subsidies - according to Sindpd, the salaries paid by tech companies are not compatible with the cost of IT-specific courses.

According to the union's president Antonio Neto, considering that the IT sector saw an average growth of 10 percent this year in Brazil, it is only fair to increase techies' salaries at the same rate.

Sindpd's demands will be delivered to Seprosp, the union representing the employers. Negotiations should commence in January.

In 2011, Sindpd led a much-publicized IT strike involving hundreds of professionals from several large technology companies based in São Paulo. The case ended up at the Regional Labour Tribunal, where employers offered a 7.5 percent boost in pay against the 11.9 percent increase originally demanded by the workers union.

Topics: IT Employment, CXO

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    When a worker is too dumb or cowardly to negotiate their own pay.
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      What a ridiculous comment. What about the millions of public sector workers who get a salary based on grades and therefore no individual has any control over their pay? I work for myself and what I get paid is entirely what I can ask for, but I can see beyond my own personal situation - clearly that's beyond your imagination?