SAP Business Suite 7: Screenshots

SAP Business Suite 7: Screenshots

Summary: In early May SAP made version 7 of its Business Suite package available to customers worldwide. The German business giant has been nice enough to share some screenshots of the new software with us.


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  • Product details with SAP's Analytic Side Panel.

    (Credit: SAP)

  • The Product Snapshot dashboard.

    (Credit: SAP)

  • Twitter analysis for market sentiment research.

    (Credit: SAP)

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  • More of the same

    More of the same - a transaction system with tarted up dashboards rather than one that is person, knowledge and operational centric. If that is what is on offer I would perhaps chose a Web native model driven solution from Compiere if I am a mid tier business -
  • Thanks for the spam

    Thank you for spamming this post with advertising. Go somewhere else to sell your product.
  • Idiot comment

    Go away idiot - I have no association with Compiere. Just pointing out there are flexible and useful alternatives to the expensive hype (and the SAP selling article (advertising), which is what this is).