SAP pins Google Maps to BusinessObjects

SAP pins Google Maps to BusinessObjects

Summary: The BI specialist is to put geo-spatial tools into its BusinessObjects platform, after making a deal to access Google Earth, StreetView and other APIs


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  • Google Earth map

    Business intelligence software provider SAP has announced that it will integrate Google Maps and Google Earth data into its BusinessObjects 4.0 platform, to help customers visualise large amounts of geospatial data.

    Google and SAP have already worked together to integrate map features into SAP's StreamWork platform and mobile BusinessObjects Explorer iOS application. In their announcement on Tuesday, the companies said they are extending their partnership to integrate geospatial data and services into SAP's core BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platforms.

    Image credit: SAP

  • Choosing data

    This screen capture shows a BusinessObjects user choosing data to display on a map.

    "With location-based intelligence capabilities, SAP envisions bringing corporate information to life via Google's dynamic, interactive map, satellite and even street-level views," SAP said in a statement.

    "As a result, customers could analyse their businesses in a geospatial context to effectively understand the 'where' of their information, as well as global, regional and local trends, and how they are impacted by different scenarios," it added.

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