SAP pins Google Maps to BusinessObjects

SAP pins Google Maps to BusinessObjects

Summary: The BI specialist is to put geo-spatial tools into its BusinessObjects platform, after making a deal to access Google Earth, StreetView and other APIs


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  • iPad location data

    SAP gave examples of how the integration of big data with Google's mapping data could help a variety of businesses.

    For example, a telecoms company could use SAP BusinessObjects Explorer in conjunction with Google Earth to run a dropped-calls analysis and identify the location of faulty towers, it said.

    It could also be used to track the location of items being transported, as shown in this iPad display.

    Image credit: SAP

  • Google Maps display

    The image above shows SAP BusinessObjects with a simple Google Maps display charting the global SAP offices' performance against their carbon emission targets. The service uses an API to plug the two data systems together and display the information on the map.

    Image credit: SAP

  • Data charts

    The extended partnership will give SAP access to a number of new APIs, including Google Earth, StreetView, Geocoding, Elevation and Directions.

    SAP said it plans to complete the integration of Google's geospatial technology into its BusinessObjects 4.1 tools by the fourth quarter of 2011.

    Image credit: SAP

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