Sarvi Designs to kick start its charger for undercover phones, tablets.

Sarvi Designs to kick start its charger for undercover phones, tablets.

Summary: Sarvi Designs turns to crowdfunding donations using Kickstarter to help launch its battery charger that will work even if the device is covered by a protective case.


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  • Sarvi Designs is relying on a new Kickstarter project to raise cash for Sarvi Dock, its new charger that will work even when your smartphone or tablet is covered in a protective case. Sarvi Dock claims to work with practically all commercial brands such as OtterBox, Lunatik, Lifeproof, Griffin, Trident or Ballistic.

    Sarvi Docks are constructed with aluminum, and will charge devices using with any standard type of smartphone charge connector, such as Micro-USB or Apple 30-Pin or Lightning.

    The funding campaign for the Sarvi Designs smartphone dock runs through November 12. Early funders can get the dock for $25-$35.

    Image: Sarvi Docks come in three colors.

    Credit: Sarvi Designs

  • Sarvi Docks come in three colors and will charge different sizes of devices. Here are an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad Mini getting a charge.

    Credit: Sarvi Docks

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  • What are those weird plug things?

    My phone charges without cords
    • Not in a thick case it don't.

      Qi charging only works so well with phones in thick cases. I have a Nokia 920 in an OtterBox and the induction charger has issues with it.
      • take the case condom off u dope

        u can go rawdog with a lumia, it's not gonna break or scratch
  • Just another useless Kickstart for a "me-too" product in a saturated market

    There is NOTHING new about this product. Not even the shape or colors.

    It is just another me-too dock of thousands already in the market.
    • Watch the Kickstarter video

      It's not a "me too" dock. It's a universal dock designed for any type of smartphone or tablet, specifically for those enclosed in a protective case. Most docks cannot accommodate a phone in a thick protective case.
      • I'm guessing you have never seeing universal docks before

        Sorry, this is NOT NEW at all. Plenty of universal docks/chargers in the market with many being case friendly.

        This IS a "me-too" device.

        Feel free to Google for case friendly universal docks to see the MANY available today.
        • Actually this is new

          Hello Wackoe, Yes there are many docks on the market you are correct there. However we are the ONLY dock on the market that fits protective cases like Lifeproof, Taktik, Otterbox armor and Defender and ANY and ALL protective cases - Devices with no cases and anything in between. Show me another dock anywhere on the market that can do that.
  • Online Shopping

    its not a new thing....many companies creat these type of chargers with diffrent shapes...
    online shopping
    price in lahore
    Shop lahore
    • @online shopping

      Its true many companies create docks with all types of shapes and colors but as we mentioned earlier none of those can fit the cases we fit. The closest you will find is the hiRise dock and that stops at Otterbox commuter. Find one that can fit the cases we can - There are none.