SAS launches social media analytics tool

SAS launches social media analytics tool

Summary: The analytics software provider has announced SAS Social Media Analytics, which will crawl enterprise's fan pages on sites like Facebook


SAS has released a social media analytics tool for enterprises keen on observing online chatter about their business through a magnifying glass.

The analytics software provider announced on Monday a new product called SAS Social Media Analytics, targeted at medium and large companies. The software will archive and analyse social media 'conversations' from platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, forums and blogs, according to SAS.

ZDNet UK's sister site ZDNet Asia understands this information will be culled from public streams of data, not private feeds. For instance, information crawled from Facebook will be from the enterprise's fan page, not individuals' walls, explained SAS customer intelligence product manager, John Bastone, in an email interview with ZDNet Asia.

For more on this story, see SAS wants to crawl social chatter on ZDNet Asia.

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