Screenshots: Opera 12 launches with HTML5 webcam support

Screenshots: Opera 12 launches with HTML5 webcam support

Summary: The Norwegian software firm Opera is going for differentiation in the latest version of its browser, supporting the HTML5 Stream API and revamping its extension system


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  • Certain sites can control your webcam

    One standout feature of Opera 12 is the browser's support for the HTML5 Stream application programming interface (API).

    This provides a way for applications using the API to gain access to the user's webcam — but "always and only with your express permission", the browser maker was keen to point out in a statement. Only Opera supports the Stream API at the moment.

    The feature is demonstrated with the Photo Booth app pictured above, as well as with a Polaroid app and a game called FaceKat that lets the user avoid asteroids with their head.

    Image credit: Opera

  • New privacy features in Opera 12

    The company has added new privacy features to Opera 12, in particular by revamping its security badge system.

    The redesigned badges are intended to show the user "how websites treat your data and personal information", Opera said, by giving a quick view into sites' location information and webcam use.

    Image credit: Opera

  • Crash protection in Opera 12

    Many of the changes in Opera 12 are to do with performance.

    As pictured above, plug-ins run in their own process in the new version. This means that plug-ins that crash don't take the rest of the tab with them.

    Opera 12 is also faster than its predecessors and "64-bit support on Windows and Mac gives better performance on more advanced machines", the browser maker said.

    Image credit: Opera

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