Screenshots: Windows Server 8 Beta

Screenshots: Windows Server 8 Beta

Summary: Windows Server 8 can be installed with or without a GUI, uses the Metro look-and-feel, and runs the show from the new Server Manager. Find out more in our screenshot gallery.


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  • Server Manager is the heart of Windows Server 8. It's where you'll set up and manage both local and remote servers, with tools for managing groups of servers and giving you an at-a-glance view of issues and problems.

  • You can add features and roles to both local and remote servers from the Server Manager. Just choose what you need to install, and Windows Server will install the appropriate packages.

  • You can install and run Metro applications on Server 8, with a Metro-style Start Menu replacing the old start orb. As in the Windows 8 client, you click in the lower left corner of the desktop or press a Windows key to open the Start screen.

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