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Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online is a massive multiplayer game that permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe....

1 day ago By Guild Software

Ten To The Power VR

Folded Worlds presents its first immersive virtual reality app, Ten To The Power VR.Based on the new novel Ten To The Power by MP Adams,...

January 19, 2015 By Folded Worlds

Galaxy War 2015

The galaxy is under attack and only your piloting can save us! A merciless alien race has their sights set on our planet, and the only...

January 17, 2015 By HK Studio

CAD & 3D vendors talk up Mac & Apple markets

Major CAD/3D vendors are taking a new look at wider opportunities in the Apple space, according to CEO interviews at Archintosh.com. The discussion spans the Mac as a CAD platform as well as collaboration with the iPad tablet and CAD cloud computing.

August 22, 2011

Dell S500wi

If you want an interactive 3D projector but you're struggling to get a decent-sized projection display in a confined space, Dell's S500wi could be the answer.

March 21, 2011 by

Will 3D make you go to the movies more?

Like many folks, I don't go to the movies nearly as much as I used to. Big screen high-definition TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and surround-sound systems, along with the cheap availability of titles on disc and streamed over the net now means that the movies comes to me when I want them, and on my own terms (also, my popcorn is better and cheaper!). However, over the holidays I went to see the Avatar, the James Cameron CGI space-fest. But rather than go see it in standard 2D, I opted for a 3D showing because I wanted something extra. While 3D is interesting (you could say it adds a new dimension to the movie going experience), will 3D make me go to the cinema more?

January 11, 2010 by

Hands-on with the HTC Touch Pro2

I just sent back the HTC Touch Diamond2 and then picked up an evaluation HTC Touch Pro2 last Friday. The HTC Touch Pro2 is a follow-up to the HTC Touch Pro device with a higher resolution display, larger form factor, and several software improvements. This device should be coming to the US on various wireless carriers with rumors that T-Mobile USA may get one with 3G data support. The Euro version I am trying out supports quad-band GSM so it works with EDGE on T-Mobile and AT&T, but does not support 3G. The keyboard is large and well space while TouchFLO 3D flies on the Touch Pro2. Check out my image gallery of the Touch Pro2 with the Touch Pro, along with my video first look below.

May 31, 2009 by

Cynergy unveils Cynergy Labs and Project Maestro

Cynergy, a company that has been steadily expanding and leading in the rich Internet application development space announced a new initiative, Cynergy Labs, that is dedicated to testing and exploring new UI paradigms and uses for RIA technologies. The first example is Project Maestro, a multi-touch interface a lot like Microsoft Surface that's built with WPF and uses a camera combined with special gloves to give a kind of faux 3D environment like you saw in Minority Report.

January 3, 2008 by

The first 3D map of dark matter

In a letter to Nature, an international team of researchers reveals it has produced the first 3D picture of dark matter. This map has been created by combining hundreds of images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope for the Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS). As the cosmologists were expecting, this map, which represents about half a million distant galaxies, shows that dark matter forms a kind of skeleton which can attract baryonic particles -- such as protons and neutrons -- to produce stars and galaxies. But this is not always the case, and the researchers are now working to find the origin of these discrepancies.

January 8, 2007 by

Dell OptiPlex SX260

Taking the small-footprint desktop PC to its logical extreme, Dell's OptiPlex SX260 is a study in compactness that should fit most offices, but doesn't ignore centralised management issues.

February 17, 2003 by

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