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MobileTechRoundup show #197; Buzz, Android, and mobile Office talk

Google Buzz was the big tech news of the week so Kevin, James, and I kicked off MobileTechRoundup show #197 giving our thoughts and experiences with the new service. Kevin also talked about the Swype text input system on Android that is launching on the myTouch 3G. James received news that Skyfire bought the Steel browser for Android so we may soon see Skyfire moving from Windows Mobile and S60 to Android. Quickoffice also added a few web services for document support and Kevin was pretty pleased to hear this. I am very interested in seeing how well Quickoffice and Documents To Go look on the iPad in comparison to the iWork apps. Virtualization on the iPad was also discussed and may be swaying iPad purchase decisions.

February 11, 2010 by

MobileTechRoundup show #181; mobile apps, Nokia news, and Motorola Android devices

James, Kevin, and I record the show on Macs and both of them were tracking their Snow Leopard package using the Palm Pre as we started MobileTechRoundup show #181. James then asked about apps driving people to buy certain phones and we chimed in with our thoughts. Sony announced a new Reader device and one is on the way to my house. The Nokia N900 was a big news item of the week, along with the Booklet 3G. There are Motorola Android handsets being announced soon and Kevin and James will be there in person to hear the news and hopefully get some hands-on time.

August 30, 2009 by

T-Mobile AppPack recommends Visual Voicemail, Sherpa, WorldTour, and more

As I posted here yesterday, I jumped back to T-Mobile USA yesterday as my primary carrier with five phones on their family plan. I have been playing with an eval myTouch 3G for a couple weeks as well and along with this device came several applications that you can also now download on your T-Mobile G1. To begin fresh with T-Mobile I completely reset my G1 and started over with the latest firmware. I then went on to load up a ton of apps, but a few I wanted to discuss that are timed with the myTouch 3G release and recommended by T-Mobile are Visual Voicemail, Sherpa, My Account, Mobile Backup, and WorldTour.

August 6, 2009 by

Update: Solved iPhone OS 3.0 update fails connecting to cellular data network issue

I updated my iPhone 3G this morning as soon as the update became available. Everything seemed to go without a hitch and all of my content, apps, and settings appeared to transfer over just fine. However, when I tried to check email, surf the Internet, or perform anything require a data connection I received the following error pop-up, "Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service." The thing is, I do pay AT&T $30 per month for my wireless data service so I am indeed subscribed to a cellular data service.

June 17, 2009 by

Palm announces WebOS platform, Mojo messaging service

At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Palm Senior Vice President of Applications and Services Michael Abbott announced an early access program of the company's new developing platform, WebOS. The new platform will run apps natively on the device and enables greater integration with cloud applications like Google and Facebook. Abbott stressed that the company is looking for developer feedback and that the platform is evolving.

April 2, 2009 by

Are iPhone 3.0 improvements enough to get you to buy an iPhone? They are for me

I followed the live coverage of the iPhone 3.0 event over at GDGT Live and am leaning more and more towards picking up an iPhone 3G for myself soon. The key improvements include cut/copy/paste, notifications via a push server, Bluetooth improvements, landscape orientation and keyboard support in all key apps (including email), and more involved developer API support.

March 17, 2009 by

See, really, Edu Apps is OK

Obviously Google is scrambling to undo some PR damage caused by this week's Apps outage. I certainly received some negative feedback on my proclamation of continued faith in all things Google and willingness to roll out their Apps for Education, regardless of the problems.

February 26, 2009 by

Top iPhone-related search terms in June 2008

Top 10 OverallShare of VistsCategoriesSum Volumeiphone15.94%New Release35%iphone 3g6.21%Brand only34%new iphone4.46%Apps/Software6%apple iphone2.87%News/Info5%3g iphone1.98%Price/Plans5%iphone 21.36%Provider3%the new iphone0.94%Size3%apple iphone 3g0.63%Unlock3%apple iphone 16gb0.59%Purchase2%free iphone0.40%Features1%Source: Hitwise

August 16, 2008

iPhone 3G reception problems: your information, please

Lots of chatter on the net about iPhone 3G problems - dodgy apps, apparent firmware problems with responsiveness and GPS, and of course that rather lacklustre battery life. My experience is limited - Apple promises to make good on that, thanks Ved - but not inconsistent with such reports.

July 22, 2008 by

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