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May 24, 2010 by

Titstorm leads to DDoS prevention trial

The Department of Parliamentary Services has undertaken action to prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on government sites, such as those conducted by international group "Anonymous" in February.

February 9, 2006 by

The Guardian UK: Survival of the unfittest

With a kickoff paragraph like this, youcan only guess where the article is going...Imagine aprogram used by 120 million people, of whom about 119m hate it. Sound unlikely?Yet that's the perception one garners in trying to discover whether LotusNotes, IBM's "groupware" application, is - as readers of Technologyblog suggested - the "world's worst application".Sowhat's wrong with this article?  It seems that the Guardian'snormal code of ethics wasn'tupheld.  See, the code of ethics talks about how anonymous pejorativequotes should only be rarely used, and must be approved by senior editors. Did the senior editors at the Guardian really approve quoting fromthe anonymously-published (and now full of advertising!) Lotus Notes Suckswebsite,and an anonymouslatecomer comment on a weblog?Ben Rose was interviewed for the article, in his role as founder of thenew UKLotus Notes User Group.  AfterBen's interview with the reporter, he asked me to call Mr. Arthur.  Idid, but apparently too late for his deadline.  It's unfortunate thatMr. Arthur seems to have taken a few anonymous opinions as authoritative-- and not, for example, taken a look at more recent versions of the product(Mr. Arthur uses Notes R5 on a Mac). There are other problems with this article -- StoweBoyd trotsout his old saw about Notesbeing able to only collaborate with other Notes users.  Stowe, I knowyou've visited this weblog -- you know it runs on Lotus Notes, and I'mcollaborating with thousands of unique visitors every day.I suggested to Mr. Arthur that he check out Michael Sampson's essay, WhoseFault Is It When Collaboration Software Sucks?since it addresses some of the perception issues that he wrote about.  Perhapsthat will get some coverage in the follow-up.  After all, the lasttwo sentences show precisely why the author could have done a bit moreresearch -- and find out that the nextversion of Notes is precisely"rip[ping] up the user interface." Link: TheGuardian UK: Survival of the unfittest>

October 28, 2005 by

Forbes: Attack of the Blogs

Look, Mom, I'm in Forbes magazine!EdBrill, an IBMer who works on Notes marketing and publishes his own blog(, responded on July 23 last year to Radicati's bearish Notesreport. He questioned whether she had ties to Microsoft and referred readersto two other blogs with far blunter assertions.  ...Radicati fought back by responding on her own Web site, but the smear jobhovers online, appearing when you Google her name or start with Brill'smostly diplomatic site and then work your way through its links. One stepaway is IBM itself, which has a Notes site that once linked into Brill's.That link has since been taken down. Radicati says IBM ignored her pleasto stop Brill from linking to the hate sites. IBM says it has nothing todo with Brill's blog. One important point to re-emphasize,from Radicati'sresponse at the time:[W]ebelieve that the comments on Ed Brill's blog represent his own personalopinion and that of his friends, and do not reflect the opinion of IBMLotus' management. Well, either they do or they don't-- I'll take the published comments on their website as their formal positionon the discussion. There's not much point in otherwise commenting on the specifics of thatfifteen-month-old incident, or even many of the specifics of the article. Others have done that already this morning: DanGillmor, SteveRubel, NevilleHobson, ChrisPirillo, BoingBoing, AmericaBlog,BLOchman, JupiterResearch, many others.Instead, I want to talk about the value of blogging.  I had no ideawhat my blog would become three years ago when voweencouraged me to start one.  My early entries tended to be more randomand varied.  In the last eighteen months, though, this blog has becomea voice within the collaboration software marketplace.  I tend notto hold back -- one of the incredible values and core tenets of the blogosphere. My competitors dislike this.  My customers and partners mostlylike this.  I've been willing to admit mistakes, to make corrections,to change decisions.  I've shared wonderful news and events, and challengesand disappointments.  Is it "fair and balanced"?  Notalways, but I make no such representation.  I say things that soundlike a shill, but I also say things that have brought criticism from colleaguesand partners.  Such feedback has helped make me a better writer, tothe point where we're now at 15,000 hits a day and growing...with readershipfrom customers, partners, competitors, analysts, reporters, friends andfamily.  It's made me a better professional overall, too -- Blogginghas helped me do my job better, and while I emphatically do NOT claim solecredit for a product that hundreds of talented professionals work on everyday, Notes/Domino revenue has been growing double digits for a year+ now. Certainly, the voices in the blogosphere have helped me, and theentire Lotus team, improve our market position. I think the simple lesson that is completely missed in this article is,"the truth is out there".  Are there bloggers that writelibelous, slanderous, hate-filled vitriolic and useless sites?  Sure. But they can publish newsletters and buy radio time and stand inthe town center and give a speech with all the same content.  Bloggingis no different than any other media -- readers need to assess the credibilityof what they read, not just what they are reading.  I'll stand bymy credibility -- and yours as commenters on this site, or bloggersyourselves-- head and shoulders above anyone who writes one-sided stories,condones anonymous attacks, and tries to silence the truth.Link: Forbes:Attack of the Blogs >

August 7, 2014 By TorGuard


At TorGuard, we believe every law abiding citizen has the right to encrypt and protect their personal data online. Whether your concerned...

May 29, 2014 By ProxyEvery

ProxyEvery Anonymous Online

ProxyEvery Anonymous Online is anonymity software for identity and privacy protection. This handy software hide your real IP address...

July 26, 2004 by

Sharman Networks' owner called out from shadows

Sharman Networks' lawyers have been asked to reveal the identity of the company's owner for the first time, as the parent company of the file sharing software Kazaa faced copyright infringement allegations in the Federal Court in Sydney today.Universal Music parties' lawyers called upon Sharman Networks to reveal the anonymous figure controlling the corporation in its request for evidential discovery.

January 17, 2003 by

Windows Media 9 and the Sundance bid

Microsoft plans to screen four independent movies at the Sundance Film Festival with its Windows Media 9 Series software, as part of the company's ongoing efforts to warm Hollywood to its technology. The software giant's media playback technology will be used with four films, "Masked and Anonymous," "The Maldonado Miracle," "A Foreign Affair," and "Milk and Honey.

July 2, 2001

S'pore BSA prefers educational approach

Threatening letters and anonymous tip-offs are fine, but the Singapore arm of the anti-piracy Business Software Alliance (BSA) will not encourage employees to turn in their companies.

October 8, 1997 by

Hoax e-mail hits AOL

The new version of America Online's software isn't just clunky and slow, it'll also allow a secret cadre of AOL executives to download and explore the contents of your hard drive. That's what an anonymous E-mail now circulating through the Internet would have you believe, anyway.

October 6, 1997 by

Killer AOL cookies - not!

The new version of America Online's software isn't just clunky and slow, it'll also allow a secret cadre of AOL executives to download and explore the contents of your hard drive. That's what an anonymous E-mail now circulating through the Internet would have you believe, anyway.


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