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February 20, 2014 By AOL

AOL Desktop

4 Reasons Why You'll Love AOL Desktop 9.7 for PC: 1. You're connected - Get access to your online world, all in one easy-to-use place....

May 23, 2012 by

Facebook malware works across major browsers

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have detected an example of a breed of malware that uses a cross-browser plugin to create a worm that works across multiple browsers.The LilyJade worm malware spoofs ad modules on Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, MSN, AOL, Google and Facebook.

May 20, 2009 By ArzooSoft Solutions

Secure Evidence Scrubber

Secure Evidence Scrubber is an easy-to-use and flexible tool which is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the unwanted history...

February 5, 2007 by

Netscape 9.yawn

After laying off its Netscape developers 4 years ago, AOL has decided to hire a new team to resume development on a new version of its browser. Version 9 will be based on Firefox 2.0 and will be "integrated with" the service. Is this anything to get excited about?

October 28, 2006 by

Are consumer web-based RSS readers dead?

That's the opinion being expressed by fellow ZDNet blogger Richard MacManus on his Read/Write Web blog following the announcement that Pluck, a venerable browser-based RSS aggregator and reader, will cease operations after the first of the year. Richard suggests that the entry of big players like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL/Netscape has doomed independent consumer readers like Pluck, Bloglines, and Rojo to extinction by acquisition or irrelevancy.

June 19, 2007 By AOL

AOL Toolbar

Free AOL Toolbar lets you enjoy your favorite content and services wherever you are on the Web. Get AOL Search with Google and get...

October 4, 2006 by

AOL OpenRide - what you might not know

With all the posts regarding AOL's announcement of a new browser/e-mail/media player application today, I find it pretty interesting that no one apparently has tried to actually install this thing on their system. How else might you explain the fact that not one post I've read so far has mentioned that you must also agree to install AOL Desktop Search when you install OpenRide?

January 24, 2006 by

Live blogging from the Lotusphere opening session

I'll be occasionally blogging live on thisthread and others from the Lotusphere 2006 opening session.  If you'rehere, feel free to add your thoughts on this post!Notes licenses are up -- 125 million licenses sold71,000+ downloads of Notes/Domino 7Double-digit growth6,000attendees at Lotusphere (some are in the Swan ballroom overflow, severalhundred on-site and last minute registrants) Guest speaker: Jason Alexander Ken Bisconti: - Over 61,000 Notes customers - Over 200 launch events around the world, touching over 21,000 customers- "The best release of Notes in Notes history" -- being implementedfater than any Notes release in history - Notes 7 support for Mac announced (coming in 7.0.2) along with DominoWeb Access for Mac (on Firefox) - Mac/Intel will be supported later this year - Compares three major releases of Notes/Domino vs. more than three yearsbetween Exchange releases, with next release requiring all new hardwareand ISV applications on 64-bit architecture/hardware- "Wanda" -- allows users to carry and run their Notes installationon a USB memory stick - Expanded Notes and SAP integration into workflows... planned to deliverin mid-2006 - Ron Sebastian just demonstrated Sametime on a RIM Blackberry along withNotes application workflow Mike Rhodin -- Announcing connectivity for Lotus Sametime with AOL, Yahoo,and Google.  Mike didn't mention this, but one key to this announcementis that the connectivity to these networks is without separate licensingcosts Craig Hayman -- Sametime 7.5 announced.  Details and screen shotsfrom thisseparate Sametime 7.5 entry Workplace Forms -- Ron Sebastian has just demonstrated "pixel-perfect"Workplace Forms integration into both WebSphere Portal and Lotus Notes. Cool stuff. Bowstreet Portlet Factory -- Ron is now demonstrating how easy it is tocreate WebSphere Portal portlets.  Over 4000 WebSphere Portal customers,unchallenged market leadership. Alistair Rennie -- Announces Workplace Collaboration Services 2.6 and WorkplaceManaged Client 2.6 shipping.  The 2.6 release is the first releasewhere the Workplace Managed Client is generally available -- as a partnumber on IBM Passport Advantage. Ron Sebastian -- Showing Workplace Collaboration Services, including anew blog template component. Workplace Managed Client 2.6 -- Runs IBM Productivity Editors stand-alone. Supports common file formats but also all the ODF (Open DocumentFormat) files formats. Alistair -- Over 1 million Domino Designer developers.Maureen Leland is showing Workplace Designer updates....good show eventhough her demo errored out. Craig Hayman came back and demonstrated updates to Activity Explorer andthe Activities model.  He highlighted the integration with Lotus Notes7 as well as browser-based access to activities (supporting Firefox, hisfavourite browser, and IE, too).Ken Bisconti -- Next version of Dominowill continue existing Domino architecture but integrate WebSphere Portalcapablities for further improved web application integration..OK, so my battery is starting to run low, so I don't want to let this sessionend without a link to the updatedscreen shots for the next version of Lotus Notes, codenamed "Hannover"What a great opening session!  Morecoming from other sessions and events today!

November 23, 2005 by

AOL AIM Triton

Looks like AOL has launched its newAOL Instant Messenger client , "Triton",at least in the US.  Intriguing that they're using an "I AM"theme for their launch messages -- hasn't that been done before?  Notjust by Lotus?Looking under the catch-upfeatures include easier audio/video chat and file transfer; tabbed IM UI,and chat history.  The UI is cleaner and seems straightforward, thoughwhy AOL felt like they had to mess with the visuals of the existing emoticons,I don't know.  The new emoticons are ugly.  The whole UI feelsa lot slower, too.As is typical with AOL IM, a bunch ofnew crap was installed along with the AIM upgrade.  The main one isa slow browser shell called AOL Explorer.  I always love spendingten minutes undoing this stuff.AOL is more heavily promoting AIM Mailas a free mail service for AIM users.  The marketing stuff emphasizesthat this mail service has an "unsend" feature.  What theydon't say -- it only works with other AIM Mail users.  Not real useful.Overall a worthwhile upgrade for a fewof the key features, but not a "wow".  I'm sure I'll getasked somewhere in here why I don't use Trillian or whatever.  Honestly,I'm content to have AOL IM be my only public IM service.  I'm allergicto MSN, and while I've been using Skype more, its IM features are weakerthan the others.  I guess it's simply that I'm focusing on one tooland don't need the distraction of others.

November 30, 2004 by

New Netscape embraces Firefox, IE

AOL releases Netscape browser prototype bristling with RSS feeds, tabs, plenty of Netscape branding--and the option to surf in IE. Image: Netscape's new browser

October 14, 2004 by

Google unveils desktop search

Application lets people retrieve e-mail, office documents, AOL chat logs and a history of Web pages viewed, all via the browser. Screen shots of Google's Desktop Search tool

October 8, 2004 by

AOL prepares its own browser

America Online is planning to release a stand-alone browser based on IE technology, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.


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