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December 1, 2008 by

Nokia updates Nokia Maps and Nokia Messaging clients and services

In addition to the amazing new upcoming Nokia N97 Nokia announced some service upgrades at Nokia World 2008. In particular there are new versions of Nokia Maps and Nokia Messaging. Nokia Maps gives you new features like high resolution aerial images, 3D landmarks, ability to share your location, and the capability to preplan your route and have it sent to your device. The new Nokia Messaging client integrates email and IM (from Yahoo!, Windows Live, Google and AOL). These two updated services are now also brought into the Ovi brand as Maps on Ovi and Mail on Ovi.

January 24, 2006 by

Some Lotusphere observations from around the blogs

DeclanLynch from the opening session:Thenew Hannover client. At the moment all I can say is WOW. it looks greatand seems to be pretty fast.  this looks like a product that end userswill finally be very very happy to use.  It has proper windows gestureslike being able to highligh documents with ctrl.  It is fully extensible,allowing anybody who has deployed it to customise it for their company. It integrates into the Activity explorer. DeclanLynch from ID102, Domino 7 andbeyond:Coming Soon : Smart Upgrade 'Run As Admin' installutility. This can repackage the install kit so that it can run on any computereven if the user does not have admin privilages.  ..Domino Next: ...- Mail recall will now be part of theproduct with policies that can specify how old messages can be or if readmessages can be recalled. BenPoole (who apparently really exists-- haven't met him yet!)It was great to see Sametime7.5 -- some tremendous strides, very timely! In addition to the myriadnew features: overhauled UI, spell check, rich text support, emoticons,doclinks, expanded user details, screencaps, splendid new web conferencing,an Eclipse-based application framework, how about IBM linking up with AOL,Y! Messenger and Google Talk? Very cool.JackDausman:I'venever heard Surjit Chana, Vice President (Marketing and Partners), whohad the audience clapping and whistling with his list of priorities. Hispriority number one is "Grow Domino." And, his fifth priorityis to "take the gloves off." He was impassioned as he explainedthat IBM was no longer going to treat FUD campaigns with passivity: "weare not taking any more bullsh*t."PaulMooney:Thereis no architectural shift in moving to the new version.. none at all. Thisis progression.  There will be no rip and replace to upgrade, andbackward comparability will be standard (as it always is).  The upcomingNotes clients will be managed centrally, by administrators.

November 23, 2005 by

AOL AIM Triton

Looks like AOL has launched its newAOL Instant Messenger client , "Triton",at least in the US.  Intriguing that they're using an "I AM"theme for their launch messages -- hasn't that been done before?  Notjust by Lotus?Looking under the catch-upfeatures include easier audio/video chat and file transfer; tabbed IM UI,and chat history.  The UI is cleaner and seems straightforward, thoughwhy AOL felt like they had to mess with the visuals of the existing emoticons,I don't know.  The new emoticons are ugly.  The whole UI feelsa lot slower, too.As is typical with AOL IM, a bunch ofnew crap was installed along with the AIM upgrade.  The main one isa slow browser shell called AOL Explorer.  I always love spendingten minutes undoing this stuff.AOL is more heavily promoting AIM Mailas a free mail service for AIM users.  The marketing stuff emphasizesthat this mail service has an "unsend" feature.  What theydon't say -- it only works with other AIM Mail users.  Not real useful.Overall a worthwhile upgrade for a fewof the key features, but not a "wow".  I'm sure I'll getasked somewhere in here why I don't use Trillian or whatever.  Honestly,I'm content to have AOL IM be my only public IM service.  I'm allergicto MSN, and while I've been using Skype more, its IM features are weakerthan the others.  I guess it's simply that I'm focusing on one tooland don't need the distraction of others.

April 29, 2004 by

What do people use on IM?

According to AOL Research, the following features are used most widely on instant messengers: buddy icons (85%), sounds (59%), wallpapers (43%), file-sharing (26%), customer service (14%), games (13%).

May 14, 2003 by

AOL adds fees to IM feature

America Online confirmed that it has started charging nonmembers a fee to download decorative graphics, or "skins," to AOL Instant Messenger. AOL is charging $1.

April 3, 2003 by

Is AOL 8.0 Plus ready for prime time?

The new AOL 8.0 Plus, released this week, is taking on MSN 8 by including virus protection, parental controls and exclusive media content. But AOL Nation columnist Robert Luhn finds many of its features are not yet available.

April 3, 2003 by

AOL goes marketing at Best Buy

America Online said it has struck a marketing agreement to promote its online services throughout 500 Best Buy stores. AOL will promote its standard online service and its recently launched AOL for Broadband features to Best Buy shoppers.

March 12, 2003 by

Microsoft flicks on IM Webcam

Heating up the features battle with AOL and Yahoo, Microsoft gives MSN Messenger 5.0 users the ability stream live video to others.

November 26, 2002 by

Microsoft MSN 8

MSN 8 is a family-friendly alternative to AOL. It's worth a subscription if you need parental controls and junk mail filters.

October 17, 2002 by

MSN 8: Contender or pretender?

news analysis Microsoft is touting MSN 8 as a potential AOL 8 killer, but analysts point out that many of its features are already available online for free.

August 29, 2002 by

Netscape 7.0

We had high hopes for Netscape 7, but we're sorely disappointed -- especially by the missing pop-up advert suppressor. There's no practical reason to switch from either IE or Mozilla.

May 1, 2002 by

AOL, TiVo restructure set-top deal

America Online and TiVo, a developer of digital recording technology, on Wednesday said they will discontinue the joint production of an interactive television box and restructure the financial terms of their deal. As part of the restructuring, TiVo will return $48 million of AOL's original $200 million investment in the device maker, reached in June 2000. The $48 million was part of an escrow fund set aside for subsidies once the planned AOL-TiVo set-top box hit the market. Also under the restructuring, AOL, a division of media giant AOL Time Warner, will return 1.6 million shares of TiVo stock back to the company. AOL will keep 1.1 million shares of preferred TiVo stock and convert the shares into common stock Sept. 13, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The companies said their modified relationship will allow TiVo to fold AOL's popular features into its Series2 DVR recording device. TiVo subscribers will be able to use the online company's instant messaging and chat services, and AOL subscribers will be able to program their TiVo devices through the online service. AOL will pay TiVo a $4 million "development fee," according to the SEC filing. --Jim Hu, Special to ZDNet News


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