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Worm infecting PCs via Yahoo Messenger

A worm is spreading via Yahoo Instant Messenger that tricks people into downloading what they think is a photo from a friend but is instead malware that installs a backdoor on Windows systems and spreads to a victim's IM contacts.

May 6, 2010 by

Top-visited Web brands in February 2009

BrandAudience, 000Time Per Person1. Google127,1421:27:402. Yahoo!113,5643:27:123. MSN/Windows Live102,0692:21:404. Microsoft98,3600:42:135. YouTube83,4290:50:496. AOL Media Network83,0833:45:597. Facebook65,7042:59:548. Fox Interactive Media64,2881:24:469. Wikipedia57,5610:17:0810. Apple52,0371:13:35Source: Nielsen

March 31, 2009

Top US search engines in February 2009

ProviderSearches(000)YOYGrowthShare ofSearchesAll Search8,494,65310.1%100.0%Google Search5,394,19019.2%63.5%Yahoo! Search1,415,3544.0%16.7%MSN/Windows Live Search881,0502.4%10.4%AOL Search320, Search162,226-16.9%1.9%My Web Search55,772-21.6%0.7%Comcast Search42,8951.3%0.5%Yellow Pages Search37,636N/A*0.4%AT&T Worldnet Search17, Search15,880-28.9%0.2%Source: Nielsen

March 27, 2009

Top search engines in February 2009

Expanded Search EntityJan-09Feb-09Growth, MTMTotal Expanded Search19,97919,176-4%Google Sites11,71411,250-4%Google8,7318,541-2%YouTube/All Other2,9832,709-9%Yahoo! Sites2,9792,828-5%Yahoo!2,9522,804-5%All Other2723-13%Microsoft Sites1,1881,109-7%MSN-Windows Live1,0841,015-6%Microsoft/All Other10494-10%AOL LLC781761-3%AOL Search Network452439-3%MapQuest/All Other330322-2%Ask All Other328294-10%eBay541513-5%Craigslist.org4975113%Fox Interactive Media558487-13%MySpace550479-13%All Other87-10%Facebook.com1952066%Amazon Sites196170-13%Source: comScore

March 27, 2009

Top US search engines in November 2008

ProviderSearches (000)YOY GrowthShare of SearchesAll Search8,075,5649.6%100.0%Google Search5,177,15821.7%64.1%Yahoo! Search1,299,306-1.4%16.1%MSN/Windows Live Search733,460-16.7%9.1%AOL Search344, Search184,059-6.0%2.3%My Web Search71,113-18.3%0.9%Comcast Search40,6453.5%0.5%AT&T Worldnet Search25,351-13.3%0.3%NexTag Search22, Search17,121-6.5%0.2%Source: Nielsen

March 21, 2009

Top US search engines and site-generated searches in January 2009

Expanded Search EntityDec-08Jan-09Percent ChangeJan-09 vs. Dec-08Total Expanded Search18,68819,9797%Google Sites11,15211,7145%Google8,2478,7316%YouTube/All Other2,9052,9833%Yahoo! Sites2,7142,97910%Yahoo!2,6862,95210%All Other2827-4%Microsoft Sites1,0921,1889%MSN-Windows Live9971,0849%Microsoft/All Other951049%AOL LLC7407816%AOL Search Network4244527%MapQuest/All Other3163294%Ask All Other3123285%Fox Interactive Media5265586%MySpace5165507%All Other108-20%eBay5005418%Craigslist.org38749728%Amazon Sites204196-4%Facebook.com16119521%Source: comScore

March 10, 2009

Top search engines in December 2008

ProviderSearches, 000YTY GrowthShareAll Search8,623,70519.6%100.0%Google Search5,421,94333.5%62.9%Yahoo! Search1,448,14013.7%16.8%MSN/Windows Live Search841,457-15.5%9.8%AOL Search357, Search169,1166.0%2.0%My Web Search62,415-11.6%0.7%Comcast Search50,38545.1%0.6%NexTag Search29,2190.7%0.3%AT&T Worldnet Search27,1768.0%0.3%BizRate Search23,59337.1%0.3%Source: Nielsen

February 28, 2009

Top Web Brands in December 2008

Audience, 000Time Per Person1. Google126,1991:25:102. Yahoo!116,9063:12:053. MSN/Windows Live103,2292:07:494. Microsoft96,7110:50:375. AOL Media Network86,0803:41:026. YouTube80,7040:54:377. Fox Interactive Media67,9591:30:568. Amazon61,0840:34:319. eBay57,4341:39:3910. Apple56,8811:25:49Source: Nielsen

February 16, 2009

Top search engines before visiting travel sites

RankWebsiteUpstream Share1.Google27.09%2.Yahoo! Search4.99%3.MSN Search1.51%4.Ask.com0.61%5.Windows Live Search0.37%6.Google Image Search0.36%7.My Web Search0.23%8.AOL Search0.19%9.Dogpile0.09%10.Google Canada0.05%Source: Hitwise

February 12, 2009

Top search engines and search sites in December 2008

Expanded Search EntityNov-08Dec-08Percent ChangeDec-08 vs. Nov-08Total Expanded Search18,05818,6883%Google Sites10,76711,1524%Google7,9768,2473%YouTube/All Other2,7912,9054%Yahoo! Sites2,6202,7144%Yahoo!2,5942,6864%All Other26288%Microsoft Sites1,0531,0924%MSN-Windows Live9599974%Microsoft/All Other94951%AOL LLC7257402%AOL Search Network4124243%MapQuest/All Other3133161%Ask All Other3053122%Fox Interactive Media543526-3%MySpace535516-4%All Other81025%eBay4695007%Craigslist.org3693875%Amazon Sites15720430%Facebook.com162161-1%Source: comScore

February 10, 2009

Google to challenge Loopt with Latitude

Google has announced a new location-based service similar to Loopt called Latitude. With it you can:See where your friends are and what they are up toQuickly contact them with SMS, IM, or a phone callA FAQ notes that the service is launching on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 and that Google hopes to release iPhone and  Android versions "soon.

February 4, 2009 by

Top 10 Search Providers for November 2008, Ranked by Searches (US)

ProviderSearches, 000YTY GrowthShare of SearchesAll Search8,075,5649.6%100.0%Google Search5,177,15821.7%64.1%Yahoo! Search1,299,306-1.4%16.1%MSN/Windows Live Search733,460-16.7%9.1%AOL Search344, Search184,059-6.0%2.3%My Web Search71,113-18.3%0.9%Comcast Search40,6453.5%0.5%AT&T Worldnet Search25,351-13.3%0.3%NexTag Search22, Search17,121-6.5%0.2%Source: Nielsen

January 30, 2009

Top search engines in US in November 2008

Expanded Search EntityOct-08Nov-08Growth, YTYTotal Expanded Search18,38918,058-2%Google Sites10,75910,7670%Google8,1797,976-2%YouTube/All Other2,5802,7918%Yahoo! Sites2,7152,620-3%Yahoo!2,6852,594-3%All Other3026-13%Microsoft Sites1,1251,053-6%MSN-Windows Live1,035959-7%Microsoft/All Other90944%AOL LLC770725-6%AOL Search Network424412-3%MapQuest/All Other346313-10%Ask All Other321305-5%Fox Interactive Media574543-5%MySpace563535-5%All Other118-27%eBay4644691%Craigslist.org378369-2%Facebook.com185162-12%Amazon Sites13815714%Source: comScore

January 19, 2009

Review: Pinger Phone for iPhone integrates IM and social networks

A couple of functions I enjoy on my Apple iPhone is interacting with my friends on social networks and via instant messaging. I have been using several different applications for these interactions and with the inability of the iPhone to multi-task using 3rd party applications this is not a great experience. Over the past week, I have been using the new Pinger Phone application that brings in my Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace social network friends and Yahoo!, AIM, Windows Live, and Google Talk IM contacts for a full and complete solution in a single package. There is also a server back end so that text messages can be used to notify you of new IM replies when Pinger Phone is not running.

December 21, 2008 by

Top search engines in October 2008

ProviderSearches, 000ChangeShareAll Search7,775,913-2.0%100.0%Google Search4,755,4938.1%61.2%Yahoo! Search1,311,504-12.0%16.9%MSN/Windows Live Search885,567-19.0%11.4%AOL Search334, Search177,131-22.9%2.3%My Web Search60,336-38.2%0.8%Comcast Search40,246-13.4%0.5%AT&T Worldnet Search25,47492.8%0.3%NexTag Search16, Search14,485-30.5%0.2%Source: Nielsen

December 19, 2008

Top search-generating US Web sites in October 2008: Google, Yahoo!, YouTube

Expanded Search EntitySep-08Oct-08PercentChangeOct-08 vs.Sep-08Total Expanded Search17,35918,3896%Google Sites10,10910,7596%Google7,6328,1797%YouTube/All Other2,4772,5804%Yahoo! Sites2,5112,7158%Yahoo!2,4832,6858%All Other28307%Microsoft Sites1,0371,1258%MSN-Windows Live9581,0358%Microsoft/All Other799014%AOL LLC795770-3%AOL Search Network448424-5%MapQuest/All Other3473460%Ask All Other28832111%Fox Interactive Media624574-8%MySpace614563-8%All Other101110%eBay41146413%Craigslist.org3683783%Facebook.com1831851%Amazon Sites143138-3%Source: comScore

December 19, 2008

Nokia updates Nokia Maps and Nokia Messaging clients and services

In addition to the amazing new upcoming Nokia N97 Nokia announced some service upgrades at Nokia World 2008. In particular there are new versions of Nokia Maps and Nokia Messaging. Nokia Maps gives you new features like high resolution aerial images, 3D landmarks, ability to share your location, and the capability to preplan your route and have it sent to your device. The new Nokia Messaging client integrates email and IM (from Yahoo!, Windows Live, Google and AOL). These two updated services are now also brought into the Ovi brand as Maps on Ovi and Mail on Ovi.

December 1, 2008 by

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