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Spotlight Drums Set

Enjoy a complete drumming experience with one of the best 6-piece drum kit you will find on the App Store."Drums Master can just turn...

3 days ago By Acidic Labs

Top Android news of the week

This new feature will bring the top news of the past week in the world of Android to your screen. This week saw KitKat getting bigger, apps for the Chromebook, and a review of the "best Android" phone.

September 13, 2014 by

New MP3 Music Download

This application is totally free with no download limit.New MP3 Music Download is a free and legal applications did allow you to download,...

3 days ago By GAdev

The New Basketball Coach Trial

The New Basketball Coach give you the opportunity to lead your favorite Team ! Under pressure, use wisely your timeouts, make good...

January 21, 2015 By Creations Fanswerin

Apple's new review guidelines: Thoughts on fart apps

Do Apple's new App Store review guidelines inadvertently confirm some of the worst suspicions developers have about the company's review process? And is Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who famously wrote Thoughts on Music and Thoughts on Flash, now giving us Thoughts on Fart Apps?

September 12, 2010 by

Apps Roulette #2: Manymoon

As promised, here is my second review of a particularly slick (and free) App in Google's new Google Apps Marketplace. Manymoon is a "Free Social Productivity, Project Management & Task Management" application.

March 16, 2010 by

iPhone Quickoffice update 3.0 adds Google Docs, Dropbox, and

I just turned on my iPhone to check for updated applications after reading that Navigon was updated with some very cool new features and discovered that Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite version 3.0 (iTunes link) just became available today. This new version of Quickoffice has come a long ways since my earlier review and now lets you access documents through Google Docs,, Dropbox, and MobileMe accounts while also providing general product enhancements. Without file system access it has always been a challenge for developers of these types of apps to help you access your documents and this looks like a great way to provide that support.

February 9, 2010 by

Zune HD review roundup: excellent hardware and UI, apps lacking

Some sites received Zune HD review units from Microsoft (I had to buy mine), but they were not able to post their reviews since Microsoft had to flip the Zune 4.0 server switch on the 15th. We are now seeing lots of detailed reviews coming in for the Zune HD and overall the impressions are that it is a fantastic media player that is the Zune we have all been wanting from the start. It is obvious it cannot compete with the iPod touch in terms of apps, but this is just the start and that may change in the future. The Zune Pass is the really defining feature that stands out from the iPods though and if you have a limited personal music collection the Zune HD can be a killer media player.

September 18, 2009 by

CTIA 09: Is the Palm Pre keyboard the Achilles heel of the device?

Since I didn't have a chance to see the Palm Pre in person and there are no review units out yet, I couldn't really pick a favorite in my first Clash of the Touch Titans article. Last week I was able to see the Pre in person and get my hands on it a bit. I shot a video of the Pre in action showing some 3rd party apps and overall user experience. I will say that the experience and some of the functionality look quite amazing. However, I was able to also get my hands on and enter text using the Pre keyboard and found it to be a major disappointment that may be the Achilles heel of the device. I find the onscreen keyboard on the iPhone to be much better than the Pre keyboard. So far we have only seen keyboard input as being the only way to enter text so you always have to switch to portrait mode to do this and my first impressions were not good. In the photos I saw before I actually touched it I thought it would be more of a Treo 800w or at least Treo Pro keyboard, but it is much more similar to the Palm Centro keyboard with rubber sticky keys/bumps set on a flat panel. The keyboard felt pretty cramped and I am sure I could get used to it over time since I do have magic thumbs, but Palm was always known for excellent Treo keyboards and to not put one of these types on this new flagship product may be an issue for many people.

April 5, 2009 by

T-Mobile G1 Android gets Opera Mini and visual voicemail

It seems like the gold rush of applications for the T-Mobile G1 (see my review) has slowed down considerably over the last couple of weeks with just a few apps trickling out here and there. I imagine most of this is because developers are waiting for the commercial functionality when they can sell applications in the Android Market. However, two applications I just found this morning when I turned on my G1 were Opera Mini 4.2 beta and Fusion Voicemail Plus and think these are both worthy applications you should try out on your G1.

November 24, 2008 by

MailShadowG syncs Outlook data to Google and thus your G1

After checking out my T-Mobile G1 review and reading how I was looking for a way to get my Exchange information on my device, Clay sent me an email with a link to the press release announcing MailShadow for Google Apps or MailShadowG. I have been using the free Google Calendar Sync tool to keep my Outlook/Exchange account calendar and Google Calendar synced up, but it would be nice to have full email, contacts, and calendar synchronization capability.

November 17, 2008 by

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