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October 24, 2007 by

The future of net discrimination, brought to you by Comcast

Comcast admits to using "several network management technologies" to delay peer-to-peer traffic. Some of the methods are a little shady, such as sending false messages to clients telling them to abort transfers. If you ask me, they're targeting the wrong traffic, and going about it the wrong way. Is this the future of net "un-neutrality" that ISPs have in mind for us?

March 12, 2004 by

More than 50% of job applicants lie on their resume

The background search firm ADP Screening and Selection Services, in a 2003 study, found that more than 50% of the people on whom it conducted employment and education checks had submitted false information, compared with about 40% in 2002. A 2003 survey of more than 200 companies by Virginia-based Society for Human Resource Management revealed that 80% of them made reference and criminal checks on their employees.

January 30, 2004 by

Rupert Goodwins' Diary

Thursday 29/1/2004Good to see that following a war where the country sent troops to die under false pretences and the BBC saw its standing rise internationally and at home by never losing sight of that possibility, sanity has been restored by the utter destruction of Auntie's top management. It's particularly heartening to see Alastair Campbell so happy, and so eager to share that happiness.


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