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October 18, 2011 By AG Entertainment

Audiogalaxy Mobile

Stream your music and playlists from your computer to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for free! Audiogalaxy is the simplest way to take...

May 24, 2002 by

Audiogalaxy hit by RIAA suit

The recording industry continues its crackdown on its biggest fear--file-swapping sites. The suit charges that Audiogalaxy has been unable to filter access to copyrighted songs.

July 3, 2002 by

Net radio goes underground

A new software program called Streamer is making noises. It's designed to let people create online radio stations that are difficult for the authorities to trace.

June 6, 2002 by

How to beat the record labels on the Web

The plethora of music start-ups focused on Internet distribution should just give it up. Even in the dot-com era, investors made very little money on digital music start-ups. However, there is another way to get on the gravy train.

May 27, 2002 by

Rupert Goodwins' Diary

Thursday 23/05/2002File sharing neo-Napsters Kazaa and Morpheus seem to be on their last legs, not because they've been found to be transgressing the law and rightfully brought to book, but because they're unable to afford lawyers to match those of the record industry. It's an old story, and unlikely to make the millions of happy peer-to-peer MP3 merchants slap their foreheads and realise the error of their ways.


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