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Police Radio Pro - Live Police, Fire and EMS

Top reasons to buy Police Radio Pro1. Top Notch Design, Graphics & Functionality!2. Proven & Tested Technology Since 2009!3. Solid...

November 17, 2014 By Christopher Coudriet

Hands-on: Pharos Traveler 137 is first T-Mobile USA 3G WM device

My very first Bluetooth GPS receiver came from Pharos and that baby performed like no other I have seen since then. I could throw the little "hockey puck" GPS receiver in the back seat and it would still get a solid strong signal served up to my laptops and PDAs. Pharos has been making a line of Pocket PC and now Windows Mobile devices with a GPS focus for a few years and I have tried a couple of them without being that impressed. I was just sent their latest device, the Pharos Traveler 137, to check out for a bit and was very interested in it because it is the first Windows Mobile-based device that supports T-Mobile's unique 1700 MHz 3.5G data network. After spending a few days with the device, I think it is one of the best Pharos models made and may be compelling for T-Mobile customers looking for a WM device.

June 12, 2009 by

Apple patent application for RF module

A recent patent application filed by Apple describes its vision for a new Personal Area Network (PAN) that would link RF modules in everything from clothes to accessories which would communicate with each other and connect to the Internet.The PAN would include both short range (WiFi and Bluetooth) and long range (GSM, EDGE, etc) communication "which would be able to communicate with and identify themselves to any other modules around and, potentially, piggyback their way onto the Internet.

October 23, 2008 by

Police Radio - Live Police, Fire and EMS

Top reasons to buy Police Radio1. Top Notch Design, Graphics & Functionality!2. Proven & Tested Technology Since 2009!3. Solid & Bug...

November 17, 2014 By Crushed Box Software

T-Mobile 3G news heats up with HTC Dream and Samsung T919 rumors

The rumors that T-Mobile may launch a Google Android device in September seem more and more plausible now with the details that Engadget found in the latest FCC documents (PDF files). This FCC approval is for the rumored HTC Dream device. The operating system is not mentioned in the FCC documents so it is possible this device could be a Windows Mobile device too. Either way, it looks like this may be T-Mobile USA's first high end device that supports their 1700 MHz 3G network. The FCC documents reveal it has WiFi, Bluetooth, and T-Mobile 3G support.

August 18, 2008 by

Show U

This app is great for those people that need to present to small groups or share information with a team. Using Show U a user can open...

October 20, 2014 By Distance Pty Ltd

Will Sprint see the Treo 800w in 2007?

According to a Gizmodo Sprint source a new Palm Treo device may be coming to the Sprint network in the 4th quarter of 2007. This device, the Treo 800w, would be an upgrade to the existing Treo 700wx that Sprint currently has available with the two biggest changes being integrated WiFi (a first for a Palm Treo) and a 320x320 display (the first time this resolution has been rumored/seen on a Windows Mobile device). Other rumored specs make this device the ultimate Windows Mobile Professional device with Windows Mobile 6, EV-DO Rev. A support, GPS, 256MB flash ROM and 128 MB RAM, 1.3 megapixel camera, integrated Bluetooth, and a memory expansion slot. If the rumor is true, then this will be one sweet device.

June 11, 2007 by

High density packaging to grow 32% in 2005

High demand for digital consumer and mobile applications such as cellphones, Bluetooth, and digital cameras is driving demand for high-density packages, according to The Information Network. The total high-density packaging (HDP) market is projected to grow 32% in 2005 to reach 1.

December 6, 2005 by

Ohhh. The pain, the pain: The Bluetooth pain

If you read my recent post on how EV-DO saved the day during a recent heat-wave induced blackout in New England, then you'd know that I was accessing my company's corporate network through a virtual private network connection (VPN) that involved my Thinkpad T42 connected via Bluetooth to a Verizon Wireless (EV-DO)-provisioned  PocketPC-based Audiovox XV6600 smartphone.

July 25, 2005 by

Intersil unveils combo modem

Wireless equipment maker Intersil unveiled designs Monday for a modem that can simultaneously connect with a Wi-Fi wireless network and devices that use another wireless technology called Bluetooth. The modem, meant for mobile devices, is the latest combination modem card to debut in the last few months. Intersil said it's the first combination modem to incorporate Bluetooth, which recently got a boost when Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced plans to later this year sell keyboards and mice that use the technology. --Ben Charny, Special to ZDNet News

May 6, 2002 by

Setting up a wireless office network

Setting up a wireless network for your office can now be done through Bluetooth PAN or a Wi-Fi system. But be smart, it's still very much an exercise of balance between limitations of wireless, and the freedom of movement.

February 12, 2001 by

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