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April 6, 2010 by

Quickbooks Goes Mobile

The super successful financial software, Quickbooks, was recently made available online and via web application for customer testing on the iPhone, BlackBerry, and other smartphones. The software, which aids in bookkeeping, customer account tracking, and other equally important financial task, has made itself a favorite of a great number of small businesses nationwide for its user-friendliness and affordability.

May 28, 2002 by

eSettlements helps companies do biz online

Business applications company PeopleSoft said Tuesday that it has released a new component of its bookkeeping software to help businesses settle their accounts using Web technology. The new product, called PeopleSoft eSettlements, enables companies to exchange purchase orders, invoices and receipts with customers and suppliers online. The application routes the documents to the accounting systems of the companies using it, reducing labor and errors. Using the Internet to settle accounts among businesses is less costly and less time-consuming than doing it manually or using Electronic Data Interchange, according to Michael Killen, founder and chairman of Killen & Associates, a research firm. PeopleSoft is ahead of rivals like SAP and Oracle with the introduction of the product, said Killen. However, specialists such as Bottomline Technologies offer competing products. --Alorie Gilbert, Special to ZDNet News

March 21, 2002 by

SAP releases updated biz portal tool

SAP released a new version of its portal software for businesses, the company said Thursday. The product gathers data from business applications, databases, electronic documents and the Web, and aggregates it in one place so employees can find information quickly. Enhancements to the product enable companies to display business information from more sources, such as a customer database or accounting system, in their portal and ensure that when the information changes the portal is immediately updated. The new version includes tools that enable companies to customize the portal for different employees, presenting information and applications they need for common tasks they perform, such as customer service or bookkeeping. SAP competes with Plumtree, PeopleSoft and Viador in the portal software market. -- Alorie Gilbert, Special to ZDNet News


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