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August 6, 2011 by

London geek fashion week & remote working

I am back in the London, hammering out beautifully crafted HTML and CSS for freelance cash at a glossy, high-end agency. Vaingloriously glamorous though freelance contract work is, ultimately it is not sustainable unless you live in the lunny bin or near a railway station with direct links.

November 1, 2010 by

Vodafone tax issue results in protests, arrests

On Saturday, around 20 Vodafone stores around the UK were forced to close due to protests over the company's tax affairs.The protests, which took place in London, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hastings, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford and York and led to some arrests, centred on tax owed from Vodafone's €180bn purchase of the German engineering firm Mannesmann ten years ago.

June 24, 2009 by

Microsoft misses the Outlook point

Ask designers which mail program is the bane of their existence, and you'll find that Outlook tops the list. The reason why the most popular email reader is also the most painful is simple: it uses Word to render HTML emails.

May 19, 2009 by

London Underground gets online departure boards

I just received an email from Transport for London, making me aware of its new online departure boards service for the Tube.I have to say, it may work well but I can't see the point, unless you're hanging around outside a Tube station having a cigarette, wondering when you can steal that last puff.

August 30, 2007 by

Open-Xchange Express Edition

Open-Xchange Express is an excellent substitute for Microsoft Exchange for small or medium-sized businesses that don't need a big-company feature set.

July 31, 2007 by

iPhone SPAM can cost you

This tip was shared with me over IM from Eric Nix:I had a pleasant surprise after returning from a trip to London. I forgot to turn the email autocheck off on my iPhone while traveling.

September 29, 2006 by

TRUSTe: Intent qualifies HP's "bugged" PattyMail as spyware

Going back to the debate of whether HTML-enabled e-mails with traceable graphics in them should qualify as spyware, as an observer of how HP used HTML-email to trick CNET reporter Dawn Kawamoto into opening and then forwarding a traceable e-mail (what I've been calling PattyMail these days), that's a tough question that I could argue both ways.

April 3, 2006 by

Zimbra makes ALE, Calc and Write

The Zimbra Gang is at it again. After making waves with its mashed up, open source email/calendar collaboration suite and Zimlets, the company is adding new Web applications (what might as well be called Zimbra Calc and Zimbra Write) and ALE (AJAX Linking Embedding), a compound HTML document framework for embedding and linking AJAX components.

January 12, 2006 by

Stowe Boyd joins the "Notes sucks" meme

Stowe Boyd has been reading Sim',Dave,and me...:Thepoint that is missed by the Lotus Notes advocates is that people want tobe able to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with anyone, not justthose who are using the same programs as them. That's why email was thekiller app of Web 1.0 -- it worked that way. And Notes has fallen by thewayside, an asterisk in the collaboration chronicles, but all being said,not really very successful -- aside from the acquisition by IBM as a counterto Microsoft's enterprise email dominance. An asterisk? How does a product get mentioned as one of the "tenmost important products of the 1990s"if it is only an "asterisk"? And how could you describe a productthat is growing double-digits (over the last several reported quarters),that has 61,000 global customers today, and that is the basis for literallymillions of collborative applications as "not really very successful"?  Stowe seems to have missed the chapter in Notes history, ten years ago,where Domino made Notes applications available via web browser (and now,in Domino 7, via web services).  It hasn't been the case for a verylong time that it only works for "those who are using the same programs". The classic example, from wayback in 1998, is Chrysler'sSCORE application, which involved their suppliers in saving billions ofUS dollars.  Many of the Notes successesover the years are extranet types of scenarios.  There's also theelement of surfacing Domino applications in portals or WebSphere applications,another way of extending them (which, too, has been available for manyyears). Putting aside the past history, Notes is about to be reinvented, yet again,for the next generation of collaboration.  One of the major objectivesof Notes"Hannover" is aplatform for "composite" applications, expanding its reach beyondDomino server applications.  Notes, in this scenario, will be ableto leverage/surface componentized collaboration services.  You'llbe hearing more about this (and seeing it) in the weeks ahead.  Now the last bit is that Stowe believesThe right thingto do is to build collaboration into the apps that people are using. Orbuild small, focused collaborative apps that do one thing right. This isone of the lessons of Web 2.0.Yes, the vision of "contextualcollaboration" has been in the industry for several years now.  Partof the promise of Web Services and SOA is to do exactly this.  Butbuilding small, focused collaborative apps that do one thing right -- theindustry actually tried that over the last several years, and it hasn'texactly worked out.  Think of Zaplets, or Kubi's 1.0 incarnation,or Radnet, or tons of other single-purpose collaboration tools that haven'tgone anywhere.  I remain hopeful that it will come out of the currentand future work from IBM, Microsoft, or left field -- but I doubt thatthe idea of a rich, integrated client will fade anytime soon.Link: CoranteGet Real: Lotus Notes sucks>

March 18, 2004 by

Fractal stupidity

COMMENTARY--It is a midwinter Sunday evening on the M4 motorway and I’m heading west from London to Bristol. The headlights of the oncoming cars, and tail-lights of those in front, snake across the countryside far over the horizon.

April 8, 2003 by

LapLink Everywhere 2.0

LapLink Everywhere 2.0 is easy to use and offers secure remote access to your desktop, e-mail, contacts, calendar and files, cleverly using ordinary HTML. The new features add much needed functionality, but email client support remains parsimonious. It now rivals GoToMyPC in functionality, but is much cheaper.


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