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Imagine empowering your mobile phone with an application that frees you from typing text to send messages, offers global messaging...

September 22, 2006 By Salvan Cellular Software Services

Videos and details reveal features of the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet

As readers here may know, I am the editor of Nokia Experts and currently have a pre-production Nokia N900 Internet Tablet to evaluate until January. This Maemo 5-powered Internet Tablet is quite an improvement over previous Nokia Internet Tablets that never seemed to take off with an integrated cellular data connection and much better native software provided by Nokia. Since this is a pre-production device and not necessarily focused on the enterprise market I have been making most of my posts about the device on my Nokia Experts site.

October 20, 2009 by

Third-party software for cellular base stations to grow by $1 bln by 2010

The market opportunity for third-party software written for cellular base stations and other infrastructure will increase by about $1 bln dollars by the middle of 2010, according to ABI Research. In the past, over 95% of the base station bill of materials was hardware, but now they use off-the-shelf hardware and 10% to 20% [...]

March 1, 2009

NotePager Pro

Send SMS or text messages to anyone, anywhere any time. Messages can be sent through a modem or the Internet. Communication is critical...

February 5, 2003 By NotePage

Conversations Within Cells

An interdisciplinary team of biochemists and computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), has developed a specialized software to explain how some proteins can play different roles in a wide range of cellular processes.

September 17, 2005 by

Boingo woos new carriers and ISPs

Boingo Wireless said Monday it will begin offering software to cellular carriers, wireless telcos and Internet service providers to accelerate their entry into the Wi-Fi business. The software, Boingo Platform Services, will open up a network of Wi-Fi hot spot locations to carriers and ISPs so their subscribers will be able to wirelessly access the Internet.

March 10, 2003 by

SALT Forum speaks louder

Brooktrout Technology has joined the SALT Forum, a group of companies spearheading the use of speech technologies. The forum, composed of 19 companies including Cisco and Intel, is working to develop the Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) specification, which supports text-to-speech and related functions for multiple devices, such as telephones, wireless handhelds or cellular phones. The Microsoft-backed SALT strategy competes on some levels with speech technology from IBM. Brooktrout, which makes hardware and software for communications networks, said it will contribute its skills in media processing for IP (Internet Protocol) networks and help the SALT specification meet carriers' requirements. --Tiffany Kary

May 8, 2002 by

Real hits 'play' for Pocket PC streaming

RealNetworks released today its RealOne streaming media player for the Pocket PC. The company also extended its distribution deal with Compaq so that the computer maker will include RealOne in all of its iPAQ Pocket PC devices. The RealOne software is designed to stream audio and video files over wireless data connections to devices running Microsoft's WinCE operating system. A plug-in due later this month will enable people to move audio and video files from the PC RealOne Player to the iPAQ. RealNetworks is exhibiting its wares at the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association) trade show in Orlando, Fla., Monday through Wednesday. The software is available from the RealNetworks Web site. -- Paul Festa, Special to ZDNet News

March 18, 2002 by

Sony to launch PS2 broadband service in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled its PlayStation 2 broadband service, PlayStationBB. The service will commence this April in Japan, and will allow users to download games, movies, music, webcasts, and digital publications. The service will also provide connections to the Internet and cellular phones using the Broadband Navigator software, which will be provided by the user's ISP. The service will include a PlayStation emulator/PlayStation 2 player that allows users to play PS or PS2 software downloaded from the network onto the hard drive. It also features e-mail and instant messenger programs that allow for communication among registered users and a PlayStation Jukebox that lets users play music files downloaded from the network onto the hard drive. Sony noted that the software will also support streaming media using RealPlayer software provided by Real Networks. --GameSpotVG

February 14, 2002 by

Voice recognition engine for Matsushita cell phones

Voice recognition technology developer Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc (ART) has inked a deal with Matsushita Communication Industrial Co Ltd to provide software for the latter's new TDMA cellular phones.

August 8, 2001

UK technology key to Microsoft deal

The UK wireless telephony industry is the envy of the world, according to representatives at STNC Ltd., a British cellular software firm swallowed up by Microsoft's Productivity Appliances Division yesterday.

July 22, 1999 by

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