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2 days ago By ForerunInnovative

Andro-Mexican Live TV

Our Brand new app "Andro-Mexican Live TV"-Watch or listen to MEXICAN TV programs and TV channels. -Users who installs this applican...

May 12, 2005 by

The real roadblocks to Linux in education

In this issue of Industry Insider, Con Zymaris, our guest columnist from Open Source Industry Australia, describes the major barriers for Linux in the education system. commentary Linux and open source software have a problem in Australia's education sector.

September 13, 2004 by

What the open source industry stands for

commentary I read Iain Ferguson's "Linux: Time to take the next step" piece recently and thought he had captured the zeitgeist of the Linux industry market well: if we were still in 1998. But this is no slight on Iain.

January 1, 2003 by

Linux security strong as ever

Open source software has its security weaknesses, to be sure, but saying they're on par with those of proprietary OSs is dead wrong, says Con Zymaris. Here's why.

August 24, 2015 By KitApps, Inc.

SenshiCon 2015

Senshi-Con is an annual convention that caters to enthusiasts of Asian culture, animation, graphic novels, and gaming held in Anchorage,...


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