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July 11, 2011

2011 MPSA Leadership Awards

The MPSA Board of Directors review nominees and selects the winners. Judges consider MPS best practices, operational fit, flexibility and growth, as well as business benefits and ROI. The annual competition is open to any company or vendor involved in the MPS market. Categories include corporate end users, manufacturers, components and logistical providers, and dealers.

May 26, 2011 by

Fuzzy logic won't do in tech

Earlier this week, local papers reported that access to information--on bus arrival times--used in Singapore third-party mobile apps had been cut off by the country's primary bus operator, SBS Transit. Over 10 of such apps including SG Buses, SG NextBus and ShowNearby, with a user base of 1 million, had relied on SBS Transit's Intelligence Route Information System (Iris) to provide the data.

April 27, 2011 by

Skills shortage hinders APAC hiring spree

Talent drain in Asia-Pacific region gets in way of companies' plans to increase manpower in second quarter 2011, reveals new report on hiring activities across Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

July 1, 2009 by

Ubuntu private clouds need more than tools; they need support, too

Canonical, the London company that founded the Ubuntu Project, today announced professional services to support companies who are building "private cloud" infrastructures behind their corporate firewalls.Earlier this year, the company released a technical preview of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), an open-source system that allows companies to build private clouds that match the Amazon EC2 interface.

November 11, 2008 by

Getting the most value out of Collaborative Technologies

I’ll be speaking at a breakfast briefing in London UK on the 20th November on the subject of ‘How to get the most value out of collaborative technologies‘ for Fujitsu Services, whose Graeme Mackay, Business Manager of Corporate Information Systems, will also talk about Fujitsu’s experiences around implementations and their internal usage. If you’d like to attend here’s the link.

July 12, 2007 by

Vista in the enterprise

Things move slowly in the enterprise market, so Windows Vista is currently a rare sight on the corporate desktop. But will Vista's undoubted benefits eventually unblock the upgrade path?

February 8, 2007 by

Fleury out at Red Hat

Are the programmers, the individualists, the crazy visionaries doomed to fail in a world that will be dominated by corporate open source companies? Who will gain the financial benefits open source offers, the suits or the people doing the work?

September 23, 2005 by

VoIP mistakes mirror early Wi-Fi deployments

Companies are deploying VoIP services without fully considering the security implications, which is exactly what happened with early wireless network implementations, according to security experts. Voice over IP, where voice calls are broken up into packets and passed around a corporate network together with the organisation's data traffic, can provide enormous benefits for companies -- such as cheaper international calls -- but they also increase the risk of a security breach.

July 20, 2005 by

Be careful on ID management: Gartner

Although growing efforts to improve corporate governance will grow businesses' investment in identity and access management (IAM) solutions by 60 percent within the next two years, lingering issues and conceptual oversimplification will prevent many companies from seeing its full benefits, speakers at the Gartner IT Security Summit in Melbourne warned yesterday.


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