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Oracle shrinks Exadata for small businesses

Oracle has released a hardware appliance built on top of x86 servers, after its chief executive, Larry Ellison, said he didn't care if that portion of the business went bust.The Oracle Database Appliance is a 4U box with pre-installed Oracle Linux and Oracle appliance manager software, Oracle said on Wednesday.

September 22, 2011 by

Oracle OpenWorld: Scott McNealy must be smiling

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison opened this week's Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco with details on the Exalogic Elastic Cloud. The system, built on 360 64-bit x86 processor cores, is interconnected with an InfiniBand-based I/O fabric and solid-state storage with Oracle WebLogic Server, other enterprise Java Oracle middleware products and a choice of Oracle Solaris or Oracle Linux operating system software.

September 21, 2010 by

Linux as Wintel parasite

When Linus Torvalds choose to tie his new kernel to x86 he did so thinking, quite correctly as it turned out, that Microsoft's tendency to software bloat would provide an unending stream of cheep hardware for Linux developers and users. Great! except there's a side effect: Linux is ultimately dependent on Microsoft because its raison d'etre f is almost literally to live on Microsoft's leavings.

September 25, 2009 by

First Intel MID now available for $699

There was a lot of Intel MID (Mobile Internet Device) news and demos at CES back in January, but we are just now starting to see them become available. Jenn from Pocketables posted that the Aigo P8860D/Gigabyte M528 MID is now shipping from Japan for US$699 with free worldwide shipping. The device has been on ebay, but this is the first official reseller carrying the device. I haven't read anywhere that other MID devices are coming soon with most speculation showing 2009 availability. With devices like the iPhone/iPod Touch and Nokia N810 I am not sure there is a real need for a device like these, but then again with Linux or Windows XP your browser experience should not be limited like it is on all of these existing handheld devices.

September 30, 2008 by


Microsoft's Hyper-V is a solid virtualisation platform that's compatible with a wide range of modern server hardware.

August 18, 2008 by

The more things change

Linux and Windows have an unexpected commonality: development in both groups is constrained by the relative lack of change in Intel's x86 products - relative, that is, to hardware progress being made in the PPC, SPARC, and IBM/Cell communities where things like transactional memory, hardware scout, and parallel ultra-high speed buses are driving software developers to, and beyond, their limits.

July 29, 2008 by

Intel servers and Chinese hackers

18 months ago, Intel dropped off an SS4000-E NAS box for me to look at. It was a desirable little box on the surface – Linux-based, four drive bays, dual gigabit Ethernet ports – and I lost no time in installing it in the ZDNet UK Laboratory (Holloway).

March 20, 2008 by

Windows servers up 12.8% in Q4 2007, Linux up 8%

x86 servers saw their revenue market share grow from 45.9% in Q4 2006 to 49% in Q4 2007, according to IDC. Sales of Windows and Linux grew 12.8% and 8% respectively. While Unix performance remained strong, growing revenue by 3.1% annually, it is Windows that is now the clear market share leader with 35.7% or [...]

March 16, 2008

MacOS and the Linux desktop lunch

I think x86 scale change coupled with the emergence of Linux as a smart data center choice helped drive the renewal at Sun - and it's possible to hope that the same thing happens to the Linux desktop community as MacOS X eats its market share.

January 22, 2008 by

My 2007 predictions - wrong, wrong, and wrong

One of my predictions last year was that the Solaris development community would be widely seen as bigger and more vibrant than the Linux one by the end of this year. It didn't happen - but I don't understand what's happening: Solaris for x86 is almost a stealth movement among developers - nearly everybody's playing, hardly anyone's talking. Why?

December 13, 2007 by

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