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November 3, 2008 By Universal ABIT

This package supports the following driver models:Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Realtek RTL8139C+ Fast Ethernet NIC (MOBILE...

March 10, 2008 by

NComputing L230

NComputing's L230 thin client is an option if you need to add a group of low-impact users to an existing Ethernet LAN. However, you'll need to ensure that the host PC is adequately specified to deliver acceptable performance to the terminals attached to it.

February 14, 2008 by

NComputing X300

NComputing's X300 provides a cost-effective way to hang up to six terminals off a single desktop PC using low-power, secure, easy to administer and quiet access terminals. It's not for power users, but is well suited to schools, business workgroups, libraries, internet cafés and suchlike.

September 28, 2006 by

Unbelievably cheap mini-PCs from E-Way

I saw this article from and I couldn't believe my eyes. E-Way Technology Systems is a company from Taiwan that is selling a tiny 200 MHz x86-compatible fanless mini PC with 128 MB RAM, Fast Ethernet, and front loading compact flash slot for $99 at single quantities!

August 27, 2006 by

ALERT! Centrino users must update or get owned!

ALL PCs with the Centrino logo or any computer using an Intel Wireless Ethernet adapter must update their PROSet software and drivers found here or your computer can be remotely hijacked. An update was released earlier this month but that version was found to leak memory and cause PC slowdown. It is absolutely critical for IT departments and individual users to update their PROSet software and drivers. Get tips and links for the update here!

October 13, 2008 By Realtek Semiconductor

This package supports the following driver models:Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Realtek RTL8139C+ Fast Ethernet NIC (MOBILE...

February 7, 2006 by

Elmeg IP290 VoIP Phone

More suited to the medium-sized business with lots of phone activity rather than the occasional call, the IP290 allows you to grow into it. It's a solid piece of kit that will need little, if any, training to use.

October 13, 2008 By Realtek Semiconductor

This package supports the following driver models:Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Realtek RTL8139C+ Fast Ethernet NIC (MOBILE...

September 4, 2005 by

US PC users are split between home Ethernet and home Wi-Fi

The results of a new In-Stat US consumer survey demonstrate that while respondents' existing home networks are fairly evenly split between Ethernet and Wi-Fi, future home network deployments are largely planned as Wi-Fi networks. The prevalence of wireless network availability, especially in home networks, makes it increasingly likely that any consumer electronics device would benefit from Wi-Fi connectivity.

December 26, 2004 by

The twelve days of Christmas-VoIP style

On the 12th day of Christmas here's what I asked IT:12 broadband routers11 MAC addresses10 Ethernet adapters9 Flat rate VOIP plan calling seats8 Docking stations7 Softphones6 Phone ports5 SSIDs.....................4 Working Diodes3 Phone cords2 PC Mics..............

May 21, 2004 by

Rupert Goodwins' Diary

Friday 21/5/2004A note from friend PeterI says "It's the end of 10BASE2 Ethernet!" For our younger listeners who may be unaware that networking once involved wires at all, I should point out that in the beginning, PC networking came in two flavours -- thick and thin.

February 6, 2004 by

Dell Inspiron 510m

So long as you don't need to carry it too far on your travels, the Inspiron 510m is an excellent general-purpose notebook.

November 24, 2003 by

LaCie Ethernet Disk

The Ethernet Disk offers affordable network storage in a sleek rack-mountable casing. Performance isn’t great, but given its target audience this probably isn’t a show-stopper. Expansion is an issue though.

September 27, 2002 by


Wednesday 25/09/2002They still don't know whether they'll be doing it over here, but AOL has fulfilled one of its fondest wishes in the US: the Microsoft and Apple-free AOL PC. The computer in question is being flogged through Wal-Mart, the high temple of low priced shopping: it's not a bad spec, with 800MHz Pentium-compatible processor, 128MB of RAM, 10GB hard drive, CD-ROM, 10/100 Ethernet, keyboard and speakers -- no monitor -- for $200, or around £130.

April 24, 2002 by

Cisco, Dell invest in wireless chipmaker

Ubicom announced Tuesday that it has completed a $16.9 million fourth round of funding that included financing from past investors such as Cisco Systems and Dell Ventures, the venture capital arm of Dell Computer. Other previous investors that contributed include JatoTech Ventures, Walden International, Vertex Venture Holdings, MSD Capital and Mayfield. Mountain View, Calif.-based Ubicom has raised $77 million to date. The new funding will be used for product development and sales expansion and is expected to carry Ubicom until the end of 2002, when the company expects to reach profitability. Ubicom makes chips for wireless and wireline networking equipment as well as routers, modems and PC peripherals that can run on a variety of networking standards including Bluetooth, Ethernet, HomePlug and 802.11b. --Sam Ames, Special to ZDNet News

January 23, 2002

Gateway launches new sub-$1,000 PCs

Gateway on Wednesday introduced two new desktop computers aimed at the sub-$1,000 PC market. At $599, the Gateway 300 SE includes a rewritable CD drive and built-in Ethernet networking along with a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron chip, 128MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive and a 15-inch monitor. Starting Thursday, Gateway will also offer the $999 Gateway 500SE, which includes a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 processor, a 15-inch LCD (liquid-crystal display) flat-panel display, and a rewritable CD drive. --Ian Fried, Special to ZDNet News

August 7, 2001 by

Emachines launches back-to-school PCs

Emachines, the low-cost PC maker, is selling several PCs aimed at back-to-school shoppers. The $399 T1801 features an 800MHz Intel Celeron chip, 128MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive and a CD-ROM drive. The $499 T1855 offers an 850MHz Celeron chip, 128MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive and a DVD-ROM drive. The $599 T1905 has a 900MHz Celeron chip, 128MB of memory, a 30GB hard drive, a CD-rewritable drive and an Ethernet card. The $699 T3100 features a 1GHz Intel Pentium III chip, 128MB of memory, a 30GB hard drive, a CD-RW drive and an Ethernet card. The $999 T4130 offers a 1.3GHz Pentium 4 chip, 128MB of Rambus memory, a 40GB hard drive, a combination CD-RW/DVD drive and an Ethernet card. All the PCs come with Microsoft's Windows Me operating system and a coupon for a $14.95 upgrade to Windows XP. The listed prices include rebates.

October 21, 1996 by

Psion Dacom GSM/modem/LAN PC Card out

UK firm Psion Dacom today announced availability of Gold Card Network (£399 + VAT), a four-function PC Card that combines 33,600bps modem, 14,400 fax, Ethernet and GSM features. A version without GSM is available at £319 + VAT.


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