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D-Link DSR-1000N Unified Services Router

The push to win the hearts, minds and wallets of small- and medium-business network administrators continues apace. D-Link's new DSR-1000N wireless router is an entry-level model aimed at companies seeking an integrated Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G VPN-capable solution for use in isolated branch offices.

June 23, 2011

Sony hacked again in Lulzsec breach

Hacker group Lulzec claimed yesterday to have gained access to over a million usernames and passwords on servers run by Sony Pictures, the movie arm of the Japanese tech giant.In a message on Twitter, the group said "1,000,000+ unencrypted users, unencrypted admin accounts, government and military passwords saved in plaintext.

June 2, 2011 by

Sony site used for phishing

Sony has been hacked, and one of its servers used to host a phishing site, according to Finnish company F-Secure.The hack, which is not connected to Sony's problems with its PlayStation Network, has placed a phishing webpage on the Sony Thailand site, F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen told ZDNet UK on Friday.

May 20, 2011 by

Firefox 4 FINAL - Available now!

It seems that Mozilla has been busy seeding its FTP servers because Firefox 4 FINAL is now available for download.

March 21, 2011

Wi-Fi use can slow downloads by 30 percent, study finds

Video-on-demand, VoIP and online gameplay applications are noticeably slower over Wi-Fi than using wired Ethernet connections, the broadband analytics firm Epitiro has said.The company said on Thursday that a small drop in wireless signal can lead to a drop in download speeds of 30 percent and an increase of between 10-20 percent in latency, with packet loss and jitter also being affected.

March 10, 2011 by

CES 2010: Mobile products of Digital Experience

Every year that I have gone to CES, there is one event that stands out above all the rest and that is the Pepcom Digital Experience press event. I could actually go to this event, wander the floor for a couple of hours, meet with about five people and have a great CES experience. I attended last night and spent the entire three hours it was open walking through row and row of vendors, something around 125 total. I stuck to the vendors in the mobile space and those who I have some other interest in and they included Microsoft, HTC, Lenovo, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Roku, Wilson Electronics, OLED Association, PowerMat, Barnes & Noble, Motorola, LG, Novatel Wireless, and many more. I wrote up some thoughts of my favorites who had products that really interested me and included them in my CES 2010 image gallery.

January 6, 2010 by

Sony Reader Daily Edition now available for pre-order

Back in August Sony announced the Reader Daily Edition with WiFi and 3G wireless support, along with a touch interface. Today, Sony announced that the Sony Reader Daily Edition can be pre-ordered over on the Sony Style store for $399.99 with shipping scheduled for December through January.

November 18, 2009 by

Is wireless really even necessary in an ebook reader?

The has been a lot of ebook news this week with the new Daily Edition Reader added to the latest Sony Reader trio, the launch of the Sony eBook Store on the Mac, and the roll out of over a million free public domain books in EPUB format from Google. It is nice to see Sony go head-to-head with the Kindle devices in terms of wireless capability, but I actually just ordered a new Sony Reader Touch Edition for $299 instead of waiting for the Sony Reader Daily Edition and now wonder if the wireless capability is really a necessity for ebook readers.

August 26, 2009 by

The new Sony Reader Daily Edition may replace my Kindle and Reader 505

I own both a Sony Reader PRS-505 and Amazon Kindle 2 and have experiences with older models as well. While the Kindle 2 is much improved over the original Kindle (see my latest article) I still find the Sony Reader to be a slicker piece of hardware and just miss the wireless capability found in my Kindle. As Andrew posted Sony announced a new addition to the latest series of Reader devices and it looks like I may just have to sell my Kindle 2 and Sony Reader 505 to pick up the Reader Daily Edition for a couple of reasons that I will detail below. The Reader Pocket and Touch Editions (announced a couple weeks ago) are also very attractive and for someone who doesn't yet have an ebook reader they will appeal to them at lower prices than the Kindle. However, since I already have a couple of them I am looking to upgrade.

August 25, 2009 by

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