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Symbian gets mobile Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps

Microsoft has released mobile versions of its core Office products, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, for Symbian smartphone users.Although they are not yet in the Nokia Store, the apps became available for download via the Nokia software update tool and the PC-based Nokia Suite on Tuesday.

April 11, 2012 by

Pi faced

What is a Raspberry Pi, and why is it so deliciously priced? Is the new Conficker worm coming for your PC? What is Vodafone's network guarantee, and why are we all enemies of the internet?

March 15, 2012

Microsoft Excel is my best helper

Over the years no other software tool has helped my daily work as much as Microsoft Excel. I don't use Excel for financial work, but rather I use it for all kinds of computing tasks:It's very handy for doing network bandwidth computation.

February 29, 2012 by

LTE brings new security concerns for telcos

As long-term evolution (LTE) networks, such as Telstra's new 4G network, bring about super fast mobile broadband to consumers across the globe, they could also potentially open up smartphones, tablets and other devices to hacks that previously only concerned PC users, according to network vendor Alcatel-Lucent.

September 28, 2011

What's the point of Windows Home Server?

Having a server at home is getting to be common - but you probably don't call it a server. You call it a PogoPlug or a Time Capsule or a NAS box or a network drive (or less likely 'that old PC I fixed up for sharing').

November 27, 2010 by

Free Skype video calls on the HTC EVO 4G thanks to Fring

While all the hype around video calling on the HTC EVO 4G centered around Qik, it was actually Fring who was able to bring us free video calling first. As a bonus, the Fring client serves up the video calling via the Skype network so you can place and receive calls between an Android and desktop PC.

June 6, 2010 by

Office 2010 beta gets LinkedIn

Microsoft has released a beta of Office 2010 at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. The beta integrates social network LinkedIn with Outlook, offers a stripped back Excel for browser editing, and video editing tools for PowerPoint.

November 18, 2009 by

Dell moves to the mobile beat

As the PC maker heads into smartphones and more deeply into IT services, CEO Michael Dell talks about what businesses want from a notebook and the importance of the network

October 22, 2009 by

Hands-on: Pharos Traveler 137 is first T-Mobile USA 3G WM device

My very first Bluetooth GPS receiver came from Pharos and that baby performed like no other I have seen since then. I could throw the little "hockey puck" GPS receiver in the back seat and it would still get a solid strong signal served up to my laptops and PDAs. Pharos has been making a line of Pocket PC and now Windows Mobile devices with a GPS focus for a few years and I have tried a couple of them without being that impressed. I was just sent their latest device, the Pharos Traveler 137, to check out for a bit and was very interested in it because it is the first Windows Mobile-based device that supports T-Mobile's unique 1700 MHz 3.5G data network. After spending a few days with the device, I think it is one of the best Pharos models made and may be compelling for T-Mobile customers looking for a WM device.

June 12, 2009 by

CyberPower introduces Atom-powered Windows Home Server 100

We already have both networking and storage companies flooding the market with network storage, but now it looks like boutique PC makers are getting into the act as well. CyberPower, best known for its gaming computers, has just announced a unit based on an Intel Atom processor and running Windows Home Server server.

February 17, 2009 by

LG Electronics

In July, the South Korean electronics powerhouse announced plans to fuse its PC and mobile phone divisions, with a bid to increase its focus on smartphones, ultramobile PCs and "network infotainment".

November 27, 2008 by

'Rogue admin' thought he was protecting network and city

Paul Venezia at PC World has an exclusive insider account on Terry Childs, the rogue network admin who locked everyone out of the city's network.The story in essence is Childs is an extreme control freak who built and maintained an extremely complex network, perhaps intentionally overly complex to ensure his ability to control it.

July 19, 2008 by

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