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French government hacked for G20 documents

The French government has confirmed that it was infiltrated by hackers who seemed to be looking for documents relating to the G20 summit.The hackers infiltrated computer systems at Bercy, the offices of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry, and had access to the systems for a number of weeks, French budget minister François Baroin told news organisation Europe 1.

March 8, 2011 by

Video: Visualising the aerospace reboot

When a volcano in Iceland erupted nearly two weeks ago, the UK government acted on advice by air traffic control to close the entire airspace in, out and around the country. With the ash cloud being deemed too dangerous to jet aircraft to fly, many countries in mainland Europe followed suit soon after.

April 27, 2010 by

Al-Qaeda internet plot reports are 'scare-mongering'

According to a senior government security advisor, reports that there was an Al-Qaeda plot to take down the UK's internet access by sabotaging Telehouse Europe are 'scare-mongering'.Reports stated that a plot to sabotage the colocation company had been foiled by MI5, and that had the plot succeeded, the UK would have been denied the internet for an unspecified amount of time.

March 12, 2007 by


Last week, when once of my customer meetingsfor this trip fell through, I bloggedabout having a free day in Europein an effort to maximize this trip.  Now as I rush back home, I thinkthis "availablogging" was a good idea and something I need todo more often. As a result of the blog entry, meeting offers to utilize my Wednesday camein from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Some came from customers, some came from partners, and interestingly,some came from IBMers.  I say "interestingly" because Ihad also communicated this one-day availability through "normal channels"to my Lotus colleagues, but I reached as many IBMers through the blog asI did through the normal routine.  The "normal channel"offers came from Spain, France, and Romania.  All in all, there'sa lot going on with Notes in Europe -- some new opportunities, some defense,and some happy customers upgrading along. So, to those I couldn't get to this time -- I'm going to be back in Europein six weeks for the DNUG/IBMLotus Technical Forum, myfourth European trip so far this year.  I know a  number of customerswill be at the event itself, but I'm also going to try to work in an extraday or two for other visits.  And if things can't wait six weeks,there are other top-notch IBMers available in-region to assist.  Ihope I've referred all of the availablogging requests to one of the regionalNotes business or technical leaders -- if something was missed, pleaselet me know. As for the rest of the trip, one more meeting fell through, but at thatpoint it was too late to use the time for anything other than a quick tripinto central Zürich (and, of course, some Notes/e-mail time).  Yesterdayafternoon's customer meeting, booked months ago as part of this customer's"IT Week", was intense and also a bit fun.  In no smallpart this was due to my place on the customer's agenda...the last of almosta dozen vendor presentations throughout their week.  I had to makea relatively quick escape when it was finished, though...the annual watchshow in Basel had all the hotels in northern Switzerland booked up forthe night.  I ended up flying back via Düsseldorf, aboard my favoriteEurope-Chicago flight, Lufthansa'sPrivatAir all-business-class service.This is my third occasion to use this awesome flight, and this week's bonusis an early arrival.  With Europe already on summer time, the eight-hourdifference means that a 9 AM departure lands in Chicago at 10:30 AM localtime.  Next availablogging -- well, I'm trying to stay home for a few weeks, butthen it's off to Lotusphere Comes to You and other events in Manila (20April), Singapore (21 April), and Kuala Lumpur (24-25 April).  It'sbeen about two years since my last regional visit, so the local IBM teamshave me pretty booked up.  I believe there's some effort to try todo user group meetings as part of the LCTY events in Singapore and K-L,so if you are interested in that, please let me know.

April 3, 2006 by

Needed in Europe next Wednesday?

Next week, I'm in Zürich on Thursday fora customer briefing.  It's a quick trip, and my plan all along hasbeen to leave Chicago on Tuesday night and return on Friday.  Originally,though, I had another customer meeting scheduled on Wednesday....whichhas just fallen through. So I am now left with a couple of options:   1) Fly to Zürich Wednesday night, do the Thursday meeting, and return homeFriday, or 2) Fly somewhere else in Europe on Tuesday night, do a Wednesday meeting,fly to Zürich on Thursday morning, and return home Friday.Now, the customer meeting on Thursday is really important, otherwise I'dhave asked a regional counterpart to cover it.  So given that I amdefinitely going to Europe, the question is, how can I maximize the timeinvestment?  I've asked my regional leaders if they have a customersituation that would be useful for me to get involved in on short notice....nothinghas turned up so far.   So now I'm asking you -- on a lark, admittedly -- is there a Europeanblog reader with a good story on why I could stop by and visit their organisationon Wednesday, 29 March?   Parameters -- I'm not just looking for something to fill time with...I'vegot a couple of purely social opportunities like that already.  Agood, productive meeting about a current or potential use of Notes/Domino,directions, a competitive situation...something like that would be worthwhile. Also, it needs to be somewhere easy for me to get to on Wednesdaymorning... Chicago has a ton of non-stop flights to Europe, plus most majorcities are a connection away.  However, if I get in someplace at 2PM, that doesn't make for a particularly productive day.  Oh, therealso has to be an onward flight to Zürich on Thursday morning.Comments and/or e-mails to ed_brill at ... no commitments orpromises, as my IBM colleagues are also still working this...but maybewe'll come up with something fun and fascinating all at once.

March 22, 2006 by

Aust agencies lagging on OSS: Red Hat

Linux software vendor Red Hat today welcomed the release of the government's open-source software (OSS) guide, but said Australian agencies were far behind other countries in aggressively adopting the platform.Red Hat Asia Pacific vice president Gus Robertson told ZDNet Australia   that Australian government agencies were 18 months to three years in OSS adoption behind the United States, and some countries in Europe and Asia.

April 18, 2005 by

Patent opponents claim success

By withdrawing its support for the EU directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions, the Polish government may prevent software patenting being introduced in Europe

November 17, 2004 by

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