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January 17, 2010 by

Apple vs Nokia round 3: Apple asks US government to ban Nokia phones

It seems that Nokia kicked over the hornet's nest back in October when they sued Apple for infringing on patents that they claim others have been legitimately paying for while Apple has been refusing to pay for. Not surprisingly, Apple then sued Nokia for infringing on their patents. We then recently saw a rather stupid request from Nokia to have Apple iPhone, iPod, and Mac computers banned from being imported. Of course, the latest filing from Apple asking the US government to ban Nokia phone imports is the expected retaliation we have come to expect from these two.

March 19, 2009 by

iPod repairman accused of defrauding Apple of 9,000 shuffles

Prosecutors have filed fraud and money laundering charges against an independent iPod repairman who is accused of acquiring more than 9,000 replacement shuffle music players by entering serial numbers into Apple's Web site, reports the AP.Nicholas Woodhams, 23, of the Kalamazoo area is accused of taking advantage of an Apple service that allows iPod shuffle owners to get a replacement if the unit had problems, according to the government.

January 12, 2006 by

Fight fraud with an iPod

A senior manager at a British government agency has come up with an alternative to the U.K.'s identity card scheme: Give everyone a free iPod installed with a digital certificate.

May 10, 2005 by

Government considers making music copying legal

Federal government proposals to allow people to legally copy music from their own CDs to an iPod or MP3 player have attracted mixed views from the industry. The move -- mooted in a discussion paper canvassing possible changes to the Copyright Act 1968 -- is covered under a proposed 'fair use' clause covering copying of content for personal use.


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