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A look back at ZDNet's most popular posts in 2012

A look back at 2012, where governments grappled Internet controls, Windows 8 was released, the iPhone 5 finally arrived, and the post-PC era stormed ahead as the PC withered away.

December 7, 2012

Expect to see more Microsoft source

Where the DoJ failed, open-source and security issues look set to prevail - at least in part. Office will not be the last Microsoft application opened up for governments

September 20, 2004

Is Microsoft controlling PC makers?

The states prosecuting the software giant seek to introduce new evidence showing that Microsoft is using the separate settlement with the DOJ to exert more control over PC makers.

May 3, 2002 by

MS judge uses harsh words in decision

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson didn't mince words in his finding of fact on the MS-DOJ antitrust case. His basic message: Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) holds a monopoly in PC operating systems, and used that power to unfairly stifle competition.

November 5, 1999 by

Analysis: Business sales of Windows 98 will be slow

To be fair, no one expected that PC business users would flock to Windows 98 inanywhere near the manner they did for Windows 95 when it was released. The difference inthe hoopla, attention (especially from the DOJ), and strategic importance could not bemore different.

August 5, 1998 by

Microsoft's real worst nightmare: The new Sun-Oracle PC company

COMMENTARYIf waking up to last week's DOJ ruling was a nightmare come true for Bill Gates (which we think it is, despite Microsoft's official response), the only thing worse might be an announcement that Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison are going into the Intel PC business. Think it's ludicrous?

December 16, 1997 by

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