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Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is a suite of applications including a layer-based image editor with animation, icon editing support and super-resolution...

January 15, 2015 By John Paul Chacha's Lab

Dell announces fast compact Alienware X51

Dell has launched a small console-style Alienware X51 that, while part of its games-oriented range, could appeal to other users who want an affordable, upgradeable Windows PC for video and graphics processing. It packs a full-size graphics card into a small box, and the options include an Nvidia GeForce GTX 5551 with a gigabyte of GDDR5 video memory.

January 18, 2012 by

Microsoft warns of unpatched Windows flaw

Microsoft is investigating reports of a Windows flaw with its graphics engine that would allow a hacker to run code as if he were a logged in user.

January 4, 2011


Create and edit icon files with easy-to-use TrueColor Icon Editor. IconEdit2 has full support for semi-transparency and multi-image...

January 6, 2015 By Dmitry G. Kozhinov software

Lightweight Linux to the rescue!

I ran a workshop yesterday afternoon about using Inkscape to create graphics from black and white illustrations (using XSane to scan the image, GNU IMP to convert it into black and white, and then Path > Trace Bitmap, which is based on Potrace).As always, I gave away free copies of Free Software: the OpenDisc collection of Free Software for Windows, and Ubuntu Linux.

July 14, 2010 by

Audio One Autosound & Electronics

Thank you for considering the official Mobile App for Audio1 Autosound & Electronics. With our customers support, we have become Western...

November 17, 2014 By Anthony Zoccolillo

VMware updates Fusion

According to VMware, Fusion 3.1 is faster in application, interface and graphics performance, supports Windows 7 Aero and Flip 3D, and increases its virtual hard disk size from 950GB to 2TB.

May 26, 2010 by

Could 'Menlo' signal a change in Microsoft's mobile strategy?

Microsoft "Menlo" is a hush-hush research project that is focused on replacing Windows Compact Edition (CE) with Windows NT, according to my sources. "Experiment 19" is a graphics platform researchers are building to complement Menlo, my sources have told me. I don't have a lot of details about these Research efforts beyond that -- so far, that is....

May 3, 2010 by

How to get Windows 7 Beta 1 scot-free

Matt Buchanan over at Gizmodo has posted a down n' dirty guide to getting your grubby hands on Windows 7 without jumping through too many hoops Microsoft positions in front of you. But his guide is a bit long, and now that the beta is available to anyone, I thought I'd offer a quick, printable cheat sheet:Meet the requirements1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor; 1 GB of system memory; 16 GB of available disk space; Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (to enable Aero); DVD-R/W Drive.

January 12, 2009 by

MS Patch Tuesday: 8 critical security holes patched

Microsoft shipped four high-priority security bulletins today with patches for at least eight code execution vulnerabilities affecting millions of Windows computer users.The September Patch Tuesday updates, all rated "critical," correct security flaws in the Windows Media Player, the Windows Media Encoder, Microsoft Office and the Microsoft Windows GDI+ (graphics device interface).

September 9, 2008 by

Multi-core Intel chips to be used in handhelds and supercomputers?

Intel's "Larrabee" family of multi-core chips, originally aimed at the personal-computer graphics market, may now see action in "an increasingly broad spectrum of the computing world, from Windows and Macintosh desktop personal computers to handhelds and even supercomputers," reports the New York Times.

August 4, 2008 by

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