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Webcam Protector

Recommended Webcam Security software prevents hackers and watchdogs from secretly watching, recording and listening to you via your...

August 18, 2014 By MicroSmarts

PlayStation Move controller support coming to PCs via Sony's Move Server project

Microsoft has floated the idea of officially supporting its Kinect gesture-based game controller in the PC realm after hackers have used it for various experiments, but Sony may beat it to the punch with support for its own PlayStation Move motion controllers.According to our sister site CNET, Sony exec John McCutchan will discuss a project called Move Server at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

February 2, 2011 by

Window Security Toolkit

Protect your Computer from Unauthorized access with Advanced Security Features and File/Data Encryption for Windows XP/Vista/7. The...

June 20, 2012 By Digital Millenium

First PC game supporting Microsoft Kinect is confirmed

Though there's speculation that Microsoft will eventually provide Windows support for its Kinect hands-free control system for the Xbox 360, it seems like everybody is jumping the gun. Hackers have made it work with PCs almost from its launch, and now a Korean PC game developer is claiming its new title will support Kinect.

December 25, 2010 by

Beware of Vista Antivirus Pro 2010

Vista Antivirus Pro 2010 is the renamed version of XP antivirus Pro 2010 which is specially designed to attack on computers with Windows Vista platform. When this malware attacks on PC, we start seeing various pop-ups and alerts showing a message ‘your PC is infected and hackers try to attack the PC’.

April 4, 2010

'Dumb users' not to blame for data slip-ups

Security breaches that can be traced back to the actions of one individual are not the fault of one "stupid" employee but rather a failure to educate and engage the whole workforce around the importance of good security practice, according to a leading academic.

April 2, 2008 by

Symantec warns of "parasitic storage"

Security specialist Symantec has warned businesses over an increasing trend for criminals to use "parasitic storage" on networks of compromised systems.While botnets -- illegal networks of PCs infected with remote software by hackers -- are used mainly for sending spam, criminals are increasingly storing sensitive or illegal data in distributed environments, the security company told our sister site ZDNet UK on Tuesday.

May 29, 2007 by

Reflections: Tan See Ghee, AMD South Asia

<a href="<a href="http://www.zdnetasia.com/specialreport/tech_outlook2006/0,39052083,39307480,00.htm">Virus writers or hackers will continue to be a major threat to the PC industry. Always-on, always-connected devices will be the easiest targets for hackers.</a> -- Tan See Ghee, AMD's microprocessor solutions sector manager for South Asia

January 24, 2006

Hackers dissect new Xbox

Hackers working on Microsoft's Xbox video game console say they've already figured their way around hardware changes intended to thwart use of mod chips, which are hacker tools that allow the console to run homemade software and to play copied game discs. British programmer Andy Green, part of the Xbox Linux effort to port the open-source PC operating system to the console, said he and other hackers had needed less than a week to crack the new security systems in the game machine.

October 16, 2002 by

Hackers make Xbox into a Windows PC

The Xbox has been made to run Microsoft's own operating system, turning it into an ordinary desktop workstation, courtesy of some Linux trickery. The accomplishment is a comment on the insecurity of secure hardware

September 30, 2002 by

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