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Ars Technica was founded in 1998 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief Ken Fisher announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to...

December 17, 2014 By bydeveloper

Good-guy hackers and other infosec anomalies

IBM's Michael Montecillo talks through good-guy hackers, click fraud, and his views on the profile of hacktivism, following the arrest of key Anonymous and LulzSec members.

September 9, 2012

ForAllBadges for Hackasaurus

As a pilot test of ForAllBadges weve implemented support for issuing Hackasaurus badges. For folks not already familiar with Hackasaurus,...

June 20, 2012 By Forall Systems, Inc.

Anonymous 'crippled': where to for hacktivism?

Former journalist and commentator Barret Brown, who has worked with Anonymous for about a year and a half, discusses Anonymous' position in the wake of revelations that Sabu, a core member and informal leader of the offshoot hacking group LulzSec, had become an FBI informant.

May 14, 2012

Large companies prone to hacktivist breaches

Many data breaches last year were a result of hacktivism, and while the attacks were less frequent, more data was stolen and larger organisations with strong brand names were the most common victims, a report has revealed.

March 22, 2012 by

FBI agent: Companies taking Anonymous 'too lightly'

Businesses are not taking Anonymous and hacktivism seriously enough, according to an FBI special agent.The youth of alleged Anonymous hackers, who are often teenagers or in their early twenties, has lead a number of businesses to dismiss the hacking group without taking into account the ramifications of a successful hack, FBI cyber-investigator Eric Strom told the RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco on Wednesday.

February 29, 2012 by

AVG: Hacktivism is slowing down business

Hacktivist groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous are having an impact on certain businesses, but in general companies should be more worried about financial cybercrime, says AVG chief executive JR Smith

October 22, 2011 by

Bill O'Reilly's web site hacked, attackers release personal details of users

In what is slowly turning into a endless loop of hacktivism activities, Bill O'Reilly's BillOreilly.com has been compromised during the weekend, with personal details including passwords in plain text for 205 of the site's members already leaking across Internet forums, as a response to his remarks regarding Wikileaks as a "one of those despicable, slimy, scummy websites" which recently published private information of Sarah Palin's private email.

September 23, 2008 by

Hacktivism. Will it evolve?

This story in the Hindustan Times should give one reason to pause. It relates wide spread attacks against Indian computing including hundreds of webservers at .

December 12, 2005 by

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