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First Look: Toshiba Portege R700

It’s hard to get excited about a thin-and-light notebook PC when you’ve been carrying them around for more than a decade. However, when Toshiba unveiled the R700, it impressed even a cynical old Portégé and IBM ThinkPad user like me, so I borrowed one.

July 6, 2010 by

The keyboard matters

Very recently, the LCD panel on my IBM (vintage) Thinkpad T42 (around one year old), decided it had enough and stopped working on me. It was a gradual death.

March 15, 2006 by

I can´t install my own product

I said to myself, I'm not going to do it. The Mac is a "home" computer, and I don't want to "work"from it.  I want to do the fun stuff, like this:But after a couple of days of fun, Ithought it might be useful to be able to blog from the new iMac.  So,I did what you would do -- I surfed over to the downloadson IBM developerWorks:Lotus anddownloaded the trial of Lotus Notes 6.5 for Mac.  Easy enough.Problems cropped up immediately.  Thedownload comes down in .HQX format -- requiring Stuffitto unpack (which is not installed by default -- I learned that like thePC, .ZIP is the standard compression format for Mac users now).  Stuffithas a brain-dead installer, too, and requires a Mac reboot for proper operation(strange, I thought this was a Mac!); I tried to unpack the .HQX severaltimes before learning this.  After reboot, things weren't much better-- the HQX unpacked partially, then asked for a "decryption passphrase". What the heck?I tried both the 6.0.x and 6.5.x versionsof the Notes Mac trial -- neither would unpack.  Thus, I'm bloggingback on my Thinkpad right now.  I've installed other programs thismorning -- Firefox and Skpe were both relatively painless.  And mosteverything about the Mac has been easy so far.  Just not my own product. And yes, I know, once I get it installed, I get to deal with fontissues and all the rest.  Guys and gals, Macheads of the world,I feel your pain, no need to pile on.  In the meantime, can you tellme the secret handshake to install my own product?

November 26, 2005 by

Smartphones: Where the computer and telephony cultures clash

Buried in my recently posted saga of why synch can stink was a comment about how, when using Intellisync to wirelessly (over Verizon Wireless' EVDO network) synchronize email, contacts, appointments, etc. between my PC (an IBM Thinkpad T42) and an Audiovox XV6600 PocketPC phone, I was unable to control the frequency of data synchronization.

August 11, 2005 by

Lenovo's Steve Ward: ThinkPads are forever

During the Q&A of the opening session at PC Forum today, Steve Ward, who is heading up the combined Lenovo/IBM PC company was asked by former IBMer John Patrick about the fate of the vaunted ThinkPad notebook, which many of the attendees were typing on as the panelists spoke. Ward pronounced that "ThinkPads will be forever.

March 21, 2005 by

Processor battle: 10 high-end notebooks tested

 High-end notebooks  Notebook reviews: Acer Travelmate 800 Acer Ferrari 3000LMi AOpen B165 Dell Latitude D505 IBM ThinkPad G40 Pioneer Powerbook AMD 8355 QDI Alacritas 520-K8 Sony Vaio PCG-GRT40  Toshiba Tecra M2 TPG Widescreen Notebook  Specifications How we tested Look out for...

April 23, 2004 by

Don't carry that weight: 7 ultralight notebooks tested

 Ultralight notebooks  Notebook reviews: AOpen Openbook 1555 Apple PowerBook G4 Dell Latitude D400 Fujitsu Lifebook 6120 IBM ThinkPad X31 Sony Vaio PCG-TR1 Toshiba Portégé R100 Specifications How we tested Sample scenarios Editor's choice Final words About RMIT If you're out on the road a lot, you want a notebook that won't give you a sore shoulder at the end of the day, but you may not want to give up all the features of a full-sized notebook.

October 17, 2003 by

ThinkPads put brakes on crashes

IBM introduced on Monday two ThinkPad notebooks with an automatic hard drive safeguard. The ThinkPad T41 and ThinkPad R50 include the IBM Active Protection System, a new feature that uses an accelerometer chip and software to help avoid damaging the hard drive when the ThinkPad is dropped or falls.

October 6, 2003 by

IBM ThinkPad X31

The ultraportable ThinkPad X31 provides a depth of features in a compact format that's suitable for serious travellers.

July 3, 2003 by

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