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May 21, 2010 by

IBM AusCERT USBs infected with malware

IBM has sent out an email to all attendees to the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) 2010 conference this afternoon, warning them that some of the USB drives handed out to delegates contained malware.

March 7, 2006 by

Word of the day: Orthogonal

or·thog·o·nal:Adj.[from mathematics] Mutually independent; well separated; sometimes, irrelevantto. Used in a generalization of its mathematical meaning to describe setsof primitives or capabilities that, like a vector basis in geometry, spanthe entire `capability space' of the system and are in some sense non-overlappingor mutually independent. For example, in architectures such as the PDP-11or VAX where all or nearly all registers can be used interchangeably inany role with respect to any instruction, the register set is said to beorthogonal.Ah, the PDP-11 or VAX, such memories of room-sizedcomputers with monstorous gigabyte hard drives.  Anyway.I used the word "orthogonal" today to describe the "innovationpack" planned for Lotus Notes and Domino in mid-2006.  This isthe set of capabilites including a blog template, RSS feeds, and Noteson a USB key that were announced at Lotusphere.  They're "orthogonal"because they are not a 7.1 or 7.5 fact, no core code is disturbedat all.  This is critical to those organizations who have testingrequirements in order to deploy a "new" piece of software.  The"innovation pack" is separate from the core Notes/Domino codestream.  Apparently, the "orthogonal"nature of this deliverable taught several people in the room a new SATword.Other notes from today's Lotusphere Comes to You in Chicago:- About 120 customers and partners attended.  Speakers included KevinCavanaugh, Rob Ingram, David Marshak (demonstrating Sametime 7.5 live!),and Joe Linehan. - In my session on Notes/Domino directions, all of the attendees were onND6.x or 7.  A number of Linux and iSeries customers represented,as well as some pSeries and Solaris.  Oh yeah, there were Windowsusers, too. - Today was my first visit to the IBM offices at 71 S. Wacker, Chicago. This is the address that has been on my business card since August,but until today, I had never been there.  Nice place, very sleek. The A/V equipment is first rate (except the wireless microphone setup). But now I can no longer point out that as a telecommuter, I've neverbeen to my own office.  Though I still didn't go looking for wheremy snail mail is stored.

January 24, 2006 by

Live blogging from the Lotusphere opening session

I'll be occasionally blogging live on thisthread and others from the Lotusphere 2006 opening session.  If you'rehere, feel free to add your thoughts on this post!Notes licenses are up -- 125 million licenses sold71,000+ downloads of Notes/Domino 7Double-digit growth6,000attendees at Lotusphere (some are in the Swan ballroom overflow, severalhundred on-site and last minute registrants) Guest speaker: Jason Alexander Ken Bisconti: - Over 61,000 Notes customers - Over 200 launch events around the world, touching over 21,000 customers- "The best release of Notes in Notes history" -- being implementedfater than any Notes release in history - Notes 7 support for Mac announced (coming in 7.0.2) along with DominoWeb Access for Mac (on Firefox) - Mac/Intel will be supported later this year - Compares three major releases of Notes/Domino vs. more than three yearsbetween Exchange releases, with next release requiring all new hardwareand ISV applications on 64-bit architecture/hardware- "Wanda" -- allows users to carry and run their Notes installationon a USB memory stick - Expanded Notes and SAP integration into workflows... planned to deliverin mid-2006 - Ron Sebastian just demonstrated Sametime on a RIM Blackberry along withNotes application workflow Mike Rhodin -- Announcing connectivity for Lotus Sametime with AOL, Yahoo,and Google.  Mike didn't mention this, but one key to this announcementis that the connectivity to these networks is without separate licensingcosts Craig Hayman -- Sametime 7.5 announced.  Details and screen shotsfrom thisseparate Sametime 7.5 entry Workplace Forms -- Ron Sebastian has just demonstrated "pixel-perfect"Workplace Forms integration into both WebSphere Portal and Lotus Notes. Cool stuff. Bowstreet Portlet Factory -- Ron is now demonstrating how easy it is tocreate WebSphere Portal portlets.  Over 4000 WebSphere Portal customers,unchallenged market leadership. Alistair Rennie -- Announces Workplace Collaboration Services 2.6 and WorkplaceManaged Client 2.6 shipping.  The 2.6 release is the first releasewhere the Workplace Managed Client is generally available -- as a partnumber on IBM Passport Advantage. Ron Sebastian -- Showing Workplace Collaboration Services, including anew blog template component. Workplace Managed Client 2.6 -- Runs IBM Productivity Editors stand-alone. Supports common file formats but also all the ODF (Open DocumentFormat) files formats. Alistair -- Over 1 million Domino Designer developers.Maureen Leland is showing Workplace Designer updates....good show eventhough her demo errored out. Craig Hayman came back and demonstrated updates to Activity Explorer andthe Activities model.  He highlighted the integration with Lotus Notes7 as well as browser-based access to activities (supporting Firefox, hisfavourite browser, and IE, too).Ken Bisconti -- Next version of Dominowill continue existing Domino architecture but integrate WebSphere Portalcapablities for further improved web application integration..OK, so my battery is starting to run low, so I don't want to let this sessionend without a link to the updatedscreen shots for the next version of Lotus Notes, codenamed "Hannover"What a great opening session!  Morecoming from other sessions and events today!

January 31, 2003 by

ViaVoice Pro USB Edition 10

ViaVoice 10.0's improved speech engine makes it a mandatory upgrade for current customers, and the best choice for anyone new to speech recognition.

February 4, 2002 By HP


This package supports the following driver models:Bluetooth Multiport Module by Compaq IBM USB Bluetooth Ultraport Module TDK USB...

June 4, 2002 by

Tiny Trek takes on sumo Sony

Trek Technology, a maker of thumb-sized storage devices, has fired off a warning letter to Japanese electronics maker Sony over alleged patent infringement. ThumbDrive is a portable, removable storage drive with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity. Since its debut more than two years ago, the device has been licensed by multinational firms such as IBM and Sonnet Technologies, a Macintosh processor upgrade provider. Sony sells a competing product called Micro Vault, which touts similar features as the ThumbDrive. For the full story on CNet Asia go to,39001147,39046475,00.htm. --Irene Tham, Special to ZDNet News

September 2, 1996 by

IBM PCs push dual-CPU, USB, MO hot buttons

IBM will shortly launch machines designed to run dual Pentium Pro processors at prices under £3,000. Exactly what machine will be launched and the exact date, is a secret for the next couple of weeks, but for someone who simply must have the fastest machine around, it looks like a safe bet that you'll be able to buy a dual 200MHz machine before the Xmas rush.

August 22, 1996 by

TFT displays, USB wait on market's response

As the big guns roll out two much-touted technologies, Compaq with external TFT screens on some Presario models and IBM with Universal Serial Bus (USB) on its new Aptivas, not everybody is convinced they are ready for prime-time.


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