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Global external disk storage systems in 2007

Vendor2007 RevenueMarket Share2006 RevenueMarket ShareGrowth, YTY1. EMC$3,99521.6%$3,72721.6%7.2%2. IBM$2,69314.5%$2,57014.9%4.8%3. HP$2,44013.2%$2,43214.1%0.3%4. Dell$1,6468.9%$1,4068.1%17.0%4. Hitachi$1,4878.0%$1,3607.9%9.3%4. Network Appliance$1,4828.0%$1,2437.2%19.2%Others$4,78925.8%$4,54326.3%5.4%All Vendors$18,531100%$17,281100%7.2%Source: IDC

April 3, 2008

Global disk storage systems market in 2007

Vendor2007 RevenueMarket Share2006 RevenueMarket ShareGrowth, YTY1. IBM$5,28920.1%$5,12420.7%3.2%1. HP$5,11119.4%$4,99620.2%2.3%3. EMC$3,99515.2%$3,72715.1%7.2%4. Dell$2,4719.4%$2,0998.5%17.7%5. Hitachi$1,5225.8%$1,3935.6%9.3%5. Network Appliance$1,4825.6%$1,2435.0%19.2%Others$6,46524.6%$6,12324.8%5.6%All Vendors$26,335100%$24,705100%6.6%Source: IDC

April 2, 2008

Global disk storage systems market in Q4 2007

Vendor4Q07 RevenueMarket Share4Q06 RevenueMarket ShareGrowth, YTY1. IBM$1,72022.9%$1,67023.9%3.0%2. HP$1,36218.1%$1,34919.3%1.0%3. EMC$1,20016.0%$1,05915.2%13.3%4. Dell$6718.9%$5958.5%12.7%5. Sun$4285.7%$3695.3%16.1%5. Hitachi$4105.4%$3565.1%14.9%Others$1,72422.9%$1,58822.7%8.6%All Vendors$7,515100.0%$6,985100.0%7.6%Source: IDC

April 1, 2008

EMEA server market in 2007

VendorRevenue, 2006Share, 2006Revenue, 2007Share, 2007Growth, YTYHewlett-Packard$5,41232%$6,07834%12.3%IBM$5,60433.1%$5,58031.2%-0.4%Sun Microsystems$1,98511.7%$2,09211.7%5.4%Dell$1,3097.7%$1,5088.4%15.3%Fujitsu Siemens$1,2617.2%$1,2837.5%1.8%Others$1,3427.9%$1,3237.4%-1.5%Total market$16,912100%$17,863100%5.6%Source: IDC, 2008

March 11, 2008

Global servers market in Q4 2007

IBM held onto its #1 spot in the worldwide server systems market with 36.7% market share in factory revenue for Q4 2007, growing factory revenue by 0.5% YTY, according to IDC. HP maintained the #2 spot with 27.7% share for the quarter, growing revenue 6.3% compared to Q4 2006. Dell and Sun ended the quarter [...]

March 6, 2008

Top global server vendors in 2007

Vendor2007 Revenue2007 Share2006 Revenue2006 ShareRevenue growth, YTYIBM$17,33631.9%$17,15432.7%1.1%HP$15,41528.3%$14,25527.1%8.1%Dell$ 6,14511.3%$5,46710.4%12.4%Sun$ 5,86110.8%$5,74910.9%1.9%Fujitsu$ 2,6764.9%$2,6915.1%-0.5%Other$ 6,98812.8%$7,20913.7%-3.1%Total$54,421100.0%$52,525100.0%3.6%Source: IDC

March 4, 2008

Handheld market share falls 40% over last year

We have seen studies showing a rise in the sales of converged/smartphone devices. If you are a mobile enthusiast like me then you also know it is getting harder and harder to find devices that do not have any telephony functionality integrated. According to a recent IDC study handheld shipments are down 40% compared to the same quarter last year. It doesn't help that Dell hasn't come out with a new device to replace the X51v and now that they are completely out of the handheld market I imagine these numbers will fall even further in the future. Add to this the fact that Sharp is no longer making Zaurus devices and 2 of the top 5 vendors in the list are moving out of the market completely. This leaves the leader Palm, HP, and Mio left to carry the handheld market. Palm hasn't introduced a handheld since late 2005 with the Z22 and Tx and there are no substantial rumors of any new devices coming from Palm. HP keeps rolling out devices, but they also recently stated they would not be providing Windows Mobile 6 updates so that could hurt their sales. Mio is moving up as they continue to release devices targeted at the GPS market.

May 15, 2007 by

Dell pulls out blades in Paris

Dell has belatedly joined its competitors in offering own-design blade servers with the launch in Paris of the PowerEdge 1855.With shipments of blade servers due to double each year until 2008, according to industry analysts IDC, Dell is keen to take a share of the increased enterprise spend.

November 23, 2004 by

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