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Conficker haunts enterprises years on

The Conficker worm is currently the largest security threat to enterprises, continuing to spread due to weak or stolen passwords and vulnerabilities that require security patches, according to a Microsoft report.

April 25, 2012 by

Yellow alert! Windows RDP flaw explained

When Microsoft announced the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) security flaw last week, the Internet Storm Centre (ISC) went to INFOCON Yellow. We could end up facing a worm as serious as Conficker, Blaster and Sasser.

March 18, 2012

New Windows flaw to spark Conficker 2.0?

Microsoft is urging administrators to patch their machines after it discovered a vulnerability that could allow hackers to take complete control of PCs running Windows and potentially pave the way for the next Conficker worm or worse.

March 13, 2012 by

From Gimmiv to Conficker: The lucrative MS08-067 flaw

GENEVA -- The critical MS08-067 vulnerability used by the Conficker worm to build a powerful botnet continues to be a lucrative security hole for cyber criminals.During a presentation at the Virus Bulletin 2009 conference here, a trio of Microsoft researchers dissected the malware attacks linked to MS08-067 and found that criminal gangs are still exploiting the flaw to plant data-theft Trojans on vulnerable Windows machines.

September 22, 2009 by

Windows AutoRun gets a makeover to combat malware

In direct response to Conficker and an increased wave of malware attacks targeting the dangerous Windows AutoRun mechanism, Microsoft today announced significant changes to the way the operating system operates when USB drives are used.[ Roel Schouwenberg: Is there no end to the AutoRun madness?

April 28, 2009 by

Fake "Conficker Infection Alert" spam campaign circulating

Researchers at Marshal8e6's TRACElabs have intercepted a spam campaign that's issuing bogus "Conficker Infection Alerts" and redirecting users to rogue security software upon clicking on the links.The event-based social engineering campaign is also impersonating various Microsoft security departments in order to improve its truthfulness.

April 8, 2009 by

Eyeballing Conficker with eye-charts and maps

As expected, the April 1st activation date for the Conficker worm passed without much noise but, as Microsoft and others are explaining, the botnet associated with the worm is very much alive -- and still potentially dangerous."[This threat] should remain a manageable cause for concern and it doesn’t go away after April 1," says Microsoft's Christopher Budd.

April 2, 2009 by

Conficker Not Targeting Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices

Conficker Not Targeting Microsoft Windows Mobile DevicesAuthor: Eric Everson, MyMobiSafeWith the digital security world buzzing today due to the recent mutations of the infamous Conficker virus, many mobile users are concerned that their Windows Mobile handset could be in jeopardy too. The reality is that this Conficker scare is actually just computer-based and so far we haven’t been able to identify any mobile-based variants that allow this threat to bleed into the mobile industry.

April 1, 2009

The "no bull" guide to Conficker

I usually have a pretty good idea of how widespread a particular piece of malware is by the number of incidents of infection (or reports of infection) that I come across. But when it comes to the Conficker worm (aka Downadup or Kido), I get the feeling that while there's a lot of hype surrounding this latest bit of malware, actual infections are much lower than some would want you to believe. However, over the past few days the number of enquires I'm getting in relation to Conficker has skyrocketed, so to try to answer people's questions, and calm people's fears, I've put together a quick "no bull" guide to Conficker.

March 30, 2009 by

How far does Conficker infection of British government go?

I guess the question is whether we really expect that government IT is a highly sophisticated operation or that it's run with the same efficiency as the gasbags whom it serves. Friday, the Guardian reported that the House of Commons has been infected with Conficker, which is an "embarrassment," the paper says, since Microsoft announced a fix in October.

March 30, 2009 by

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