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March 6, 2006

RIM has only won the battle

The BlackBerry maker may have survived its brawl with NTP but Microsoft and Nokia can smell blood in the water

February 27, 2006 by

On the Blackberry thing and questions to IBM

I've received a few e-mails, directly andthrough IBMers, asking me what "IBM's recommendation" is on theBlackberry/RIM vs. NTP thing.  With the requisite caveat/reminderthat I am not necessarily representing the views, positions, strategiesor opinions of IBM Corporation or IBM management, I have to say that Idon't see why IBM should have a position on this at all.My logic is simple.  A large ecosystem has developed around mobileand wireless solutions for Notes/Domino.  Blackberry/RIMis a great partner, as are Nokia,Commontime,GoodTechnology, and others. IBM doesn't take formal positions on any one partner being betteror recommended in a particular market space.  And RIMhas formally committed to a workaroundin the event of an injunction.  Thus, what kind of useful answer couldIBM give to the question, anyway?   In my opinion, a suggestion to switch to other mobile/wireless solutionsseems extremely short-sighted.  RIM says (and I have no special insighton this) that they have solved the problem long-term and have a workaroundin place in the short term.  They are going to be as important a partnerfor Notes/Domino customers next week as they are this week.  I understand that contingency and "disaster" planning are allimportant parts of IT management.  But the vendor says they have multipleplans in place.  I'm certainly willing to trust them.  IT departmentsplaying "what if" are wise to consider the question, "whatif RIM's workaround doesn't work"...but even that would, I believe,be only a short-term question.  With more than four million users,RIM has their entire business at stake.  No matter how the cards aredealt, I have to believe they are ready for any hand to play out.

February 9, 2006 by

Say hello to MacBerry

BlackBerry users shouldn't worry about the ongoing litigation with U.S. patent holding company NTP too much now the RIM has publicly announced a workaround if an injunction shuts down U.S. sales and service of the popular handheld email device. Mac users will soon have a new way to make the BlackBerry a little more Mac-like...

August 5, 2003 by

RIM loses patent-infringement ruling

A judge rules for NTP in its patent-infringement case against the BlackBerry maker, awarding $53.7 million in damages and fees and granting an injunction against RIM sales in the United States.


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