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US govt moves to speed MS trial

The US government wants to get the Microsoft case back to the court immediately rather than wait until mid-August. The move could be a sign that it will seek some kind of injunction against Microsoft before the new Windows XP operating system ships in October.

July 15, 2001 by

US Report: Sun, Microsoft square off in court over Java

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems squared off against each other in court yesterday as the rival software giants began giving evidence in their bitter contract dispute over Java. The two-day evidentiary hearing is a warm-up before tomorrow's hearing on Sun's motion seeking a preliminary injunction to force Microsoft to stop shipping Windows 98 and the recently released Java development tool Visual J++ 6.

September 9, 1998 by

US Report: States may seek injunction against MS

Attorneys general from nearly a dozen states are likely to take action against Microsoft next week, possibly as early as Monday or Tuesday, by seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent the shipment of Windows 98.

April 30, 1998 by

Execs downplay impact of Win98 delay

As Microsoft Corp. waits for government trustbusters to make their next move, industry executives say an injunction delaying the shipment of Windows 98 would have only a minor effect on their businesses.

April 28, 1998 by

Why Microsoft should win

Microsoft says it should be allowed to improve its products without interference from the government, and was in federal court in Washington on Monday pressing its case. Specifically, Redmond wants out from under a preliminary injunction against bundling Windows with Internet Explorer.

April 20, 1998 by

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