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VMobile Talk : Free Wi-Fi & 3G Calls

Unlimited and free Wi-Fi & 3G calls with VMobile Talk. Always & Worldwide Now available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry! Get your...

12 hours ago By VMobile

Why Apple went 64-bit with the iPhone 5s

The reasons why Apple put a 64-bit processor inside the iPhone 5s goes way beyond hype. While the applications for it might be limited right now, Apple is paving the way for improvements that we'll see trickle into the iPhone over the next few years.

September 13, 2013 by

The iPhone of the future

What could Apple possible include that's new in the next iPhone? Here are four ideas -- complete with high quality rendered images -- based on patent applications made by Apple over the last couple of years.

October 17, 2012 by

Sage One Accounting

Sage One Accounting for South Africa, Asia, Australia and Middle East.Sage One allows you to keep track of your sales, purchases, inventory,...

1 day ago By Softline Pastel

I am become iPhone, destroyer of MNOs

Whether you were impressed by the iPhone 4S, or were disappointed that it doesn't have a 5 in its name, there's no question that it will continue the disruption of telcos' mobile data business models. But with research suggesting that running a mobile network could become unprofitable within three years, can carriers change their ways before the iPhone and its ilk chew up our airwaves like locusts buzzing the plains?

October 4, 2011 by

Rhombus Dining

The official iPhone application of Rhombus Restaurants. Earn your points in our "Rhombus Dining Rewards" loyalty program and enjoy...

March 28, 2015 By Porkchop Workshop

Adobe adds iOS and PlayBook support to Flash Builder

Developers can now use the Adobe Flash Builder platform to develop applications for iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.Support for the devices — which was announced in April — in Flash Builder 4.

June 20, 2011 by

Fashion apps in vogue with obii.mobi

Ulf Schroeter, founder of obii.mobi, recently spoke to ZDNet Australia about developing mobile applications in Australia and some of the reservations local companies have about contracting app developers.

September 27, 2010 by

ANZ: Apple the place to be for security

After quietly slipping a new mobile banking application into the iTunes App Store on Friday, ANZ's group general manager for innovation, Peter Dalton, said that its banking applications work better on the iPhone due to Apple's stringent application screening process.

September 1, 2010 by

Dudes, put the Bumper on the iPhone 4 and move on

Consumer Reports, like many other technology reviewers, is having plenty of trouble with the iPhone 4. On one hand it offers a really great mobile experience, does almost everything that a user would want, sports a fantastic screen, workable video conferencing and a zillion applications. And then there's this occasional problem with the antenna that can be easily worked around. Obviously, this phone is a failure.

July 12, 2010 by

Bytes and pieces from an iOS 4 walkthrough

Aside from the touted application switching interface and the iPhone 4's FaceTime video telephony, almost all of the applications and services currently found in the iPhone/iPd platform will be given new features. A walkthrough at the TiBb blog covers all aspects of the Version 4 update, what was previously called the iPhone OS.

June 20, 2010 by

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